Welsh Language and Culture Strategy English

Enabling Delivery

• Require each Faculty to develop its own operational plan to support the fulfilment of the Strategy. • Strengthen marketing intelligence so that we are able to engage authentically with Welsh-speaking audiences and promote the uniqueness of our culture to international audiences. • Ensure that the student voice is an integral part of the strategy’s implementation by working with the Students’ Union and its membership. • Influence planning and operational processes across the University to allow sufficient time for translation of staff/student documents. • Monitor progress made across the University in implementing each pillar of the Welsh Language Strategy and identifying additional interventions and support required to deliver against each objective. • Identify new national and global initiatives and best practice that strengthen bilingualism within a place of study or work, that offer opportunities to promote the Welsh language, and enable greater success through collaborative working and engagement with key partners. • Encourage delivery of the Welsh Language Strategy across the institution with regular communication, networking nationally and internationally, recognising and rewarding the value of our people and supporting them to deliver.

The Strategy supports, and is supported by, the University’s strategies for Learning and Teaching, Research and Innovation, Internationalisation, and Student Recruitment. It will be underpinned by two complementary action plans, for Welsh- language academic provision, research and civic mission, and for the Welsh language within University operations and administration. Delivery of the Strategy will be led by Academi Hywel Teifi and the Welsh Language Policy Office and draws on engagement with all three Faculties and their schools in addition to the Reaching Wider Partnership, Swansea Academy for Inclusivity and Learner Support, Swansea Academy for Learning and Teaching, Swansea Employability Academy, the Centre for Academic Success, and the Students’ Union in terms of the academic and student support provision. There will be commitment to deliver the strategy by professional services teams across the University, with particular key contributions from the following service areas: Translation, Marketing Recruitment and International, Human Resources, MyUni, Student Life and Information Services and Systems. IN ORDER TO SUCCESSFULLY DELIVER OUR WELSH LANGUAGE STRATEGY TOGETHER, WE WILL: • Address a range of internal systems and policies to enable greater promotion of Welsh and bilingualism as a valued workforce skill within our staff and student body. • Make greater use of reliable data on Welsh- language skills in current and prospective students and University staff to target key areas of development and opportunity. • Create a 2022-27 implementation plan that will underpin this Strategy and an associated business plan to expand resources to deliver its aims.

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