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“As a young child growing up, my mom would always make a huge pot of potato soup on Christmas Eve, and we would have grilled cheese or grilled peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with it. After supper, our entire family would go look at the Christmas lights in the neighborhood while Santa Claus visited. I don’t know how Mom and Dad did it, but we never caught them getting the gifts under the tree.” -Teresa “My favoriteChristmas tradition involvesmydad’ssideof the family inNebraska.Every year, theweekendafterChristmas,weallget together tohaveapotluckstylebuffetand gift exchange. My dad is the oldest of 9 children so it is always a huge gathering, and wefillupthecityhall. Ialways lookforwardtothistraditionbecause itwouldsometimes be the only time of year the whole family would be together and I would get to see my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. And of course Santa always makes an appearance.” -Nikol “When my children were young teens it was just us five and I wanted to have a special ChristmasEve for them,wewouldsetup the tablewithfinechinaandwineglasses.We orderpizzaandpopanddoonesmallgiftoneachplate.Afterdinnereveryonegoesout to the front yard and we have a huge silly-string war.” -Donna Last Months Winners: John Kenyon & Beth Pratt

“When Iwasgrowingup, Ialways looked forward togoingChristmas treecutting in the Snowy Range with my parents, two brothers and my sister. We often would go with a fewotherfamiliesand ittookthewholeday.Thekidswouldsled,whileourparentswere out lookingforatree.Sometimeswewouldcrosscountryski. Ialways lookedforwardto havingabowlofchiliandacinnamon roll thatwasheatedonacampfire.The freshcut trees always smelled really nice once up and decorated in our home.” -Kelsey “InourfamilywehaveatraditionofeatingcheesefondueonChristmasEve intheSwiss tradition of my husband’s side of the family. The recipe includes three kinds of Swiss cheeseandwedunksomedensebreadchunks,apples,andsometimesham.Wesetthe fondue pot (or two of them if the group is big) in the center of the table and everybody has a fondue fork. There are consequences if your bread falls off into the pot! Yum. I can’t wait until 12/24!” -Linda “Beginning with our first Christmas together, Nancy and I have enjoyed decorating our Christmas tree. We have always been delighted in finding unique and antique glass ornaments.Ofcoursebythistime,wehavecollectedsomanyornamentsthat I’mafraid that the tree might collapse.” -Eric “Christmashasbeena traditionoffamilygatheringathome.Foroverfiftyyears, Iwould gohometoKansasforChristmas.Afterourmarriage,MaryLou’sparentsandmyparents, andourbrothersandsisterswouldallbetogetheronChristmasdaytocelebratetogether. Ourparentsarenowgone,butwestillwant toget togetheronChristmasday!” -Walynn



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