When Your Arches Fall


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WHEN YOUR ARCHES FALL What This Means For Your Feet Your feet balance and stabilize your entire life. However, eight out of 10 adults are likely to have a foot problem*, and the majority of these problems go untreated. Furthermore, poor foot support increases problems with the knee, hip and even spine. Many types of athletic and professional footwear are created for a certain aesthetic, and cheaper shoes do not always take into consideration the bottom shape of the foot. On top of this, 90% of women wear shoes that are too slim or small. When the average adult walks the equivalent of five trips around the world in their lifetime, poor foot support takes its toll on the whole body. Another very important aspect of foot health is that your feet tend to spread and arches collapse as you get older. Most people continue to wear the same type of shoe, causing additional problems the longer the situation goes unchecked. This is why many foot problems tend to appear in the 40’s and 50’s, especially for women. The way that your foot hits the ground makes a huge difference in the way that your entire body responds throughout the day. With poor foot support you can have a lower overall energy level, because the body will be constantly trying to compensate for the imbalance in the feet. Orthotics properly shape your foot every time it hits the floor. Simply having the right shape of your feet may help to reduce back and leg pain when walking, giving you more energy. If you find your feet hurting, knees aching or suffer from chronic back problems, you should have your feet arches checked. Our orthotic specialists can give you special advice on what footwear can give you the best support, and discuss if professional orthotic inserts are needed to correct your feet. After all, putting a spring in your step can be as simple as changing the ground you walk on.



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