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Health & Wellness The Newsletter About Your Health And Caring For Your Body


Everyone develops aches and pains from time to time. After a long day out in the sun, or after an afternoon of trying to keep up with household chores, sometimes the tasks that we expect of our bodies can get the best of us. Whether it isa lingeringache inyourback,feetthatfeelswollenandtiredaftera long day inyourshoes,oracrick inyourneck that justwon’tgoaway,dealingwithaches andpainscanreallytakeatollonyouroverallfeelingofwellbeing. Ifyoustoppedand askedaround,you’dbeamazed toseehowmanypeoplearestrugglingwithaches and pains, just like you. What may surprise you even more is how many people are coping with those pains without doing anything productive about it. How to Deal with Aches and Pains Painmedicationscanreducetheseverityofachesandpainsfora littlewhile,butthey don’tdoanythingtoresolvethe issue.Therearethingsthatyoucandoathomethat canalleviateyourachesandpains,helpingtoreducetheseverityofyourdiscomfort while also reducing the likelihood that the pain will return. Don’t just complain about those aches and pains. Start doing something about them. Here is a quick rundown of things that you can do at home that can reduce your daily pain: 1. Use hot and cold therapy appropriately to reduce inflammation. After a good workout or a day of doing chores out in the yard, your muscles will likely feel sore.

Apply icedirectlytotheareathathurtsonandofffor20minutesatatimeduringthe first 24-72 hours after the pain develops. After that, consider soaking in hot water, such as taking a warm bath, to further soothe your muscles. 2.Don’tunderestimatethepowerofresting!Yourbodyreliesonsleep justasmuchas yourbrain.Youneedtogetplentyofsleeptokeepyourstress levelataminimum—and that includesyourphysicalstress level.Aimtosleepbetween7-9hourseverynight. The more activity you engage in, the more sleep you need. 3.Keepyourbody ingoodshapewithregularexercise. Itmayseemcounterintuitive to cut down on pain by moving more, but exercise is a really good way to reduce aches and pains. When you exercise every day, you are able to train your muscles for more movement, and thereby reduce aches and pains. Keeping active, staying rested, and being smart with hot and cold therapy create a trifecta for healthy management of aches and pains, but they aren’t going to solve thebiggerproblems.Whenachesandpainsstart togrowsevere,orchronic, then it is time to reach out to a professional for support. Physical therapy is the best way to reduce aches and pains because it takes into account a combination of active and passive strategies to help tackle the cause of your pain.

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Therearea lotofdifferentreasonsastowhyyoumaystartfeelingachesandpains. Musclepainwilloccurwheneveryourmusclesstarttogrow.Tobuildmoremuscle mass,yourmuscleshavetostretch,and lacticacidcanpour intothe liningofyour muscles to cause a burning sensation. More movement will push that acid out, helping you to experience relief, and in time your muscles will develop increased elasticity, and the burning won’t be so severe. Build-up of tension from stress or overuse,andmusclepainfrompoorposturecanalsocontributetoregularpain.A physical therapistcan takeacomprehensiveassessment tohelpdeterminewhat may be the primary cause behind your aches and pains. Workingwithaphysicaltherapistcanhelpyoudevelopanewapproachtomanaging your aches and pains. Your physical therapy programwill likely take into account strategies likehydrotherapy,deeptissuemassage,guidedstretchingandtargeted movements to help you experience ongoing relief from regular discomfort. Give us a call so we can help you say goodbye to your aches and pains. For more information, contact your physical therapist to learn more about options that will suit your health needs. Let us help you get back to living the life you deserve. Call Sports & Ortho PT today!

INGREDIENTS • 2 large sweet potatoes • 1 tbsp olive oil

• 1/2 tsp smoked paprika • Sea salt to taste

• 1/4 cup chopped red onion • 1/4 cup chopped bell pepper • 1/2 cup frozen corn • 1/2 cup cooked quinoa • 1 cup canned black beans, drained & rinsed • 1 tbsp chili powder • 1 tsp cumin

For Garnish • 1 avocado mashed • Tahini • Hot sauce • Chopped cilantro

DIRECTIONS Preheat theoven to400ºF.Placesweetpotatoesonabakingsheetandprickwitha fork.Place in theoven and bake for 40 minutes. Meanwhile, heat the oil in a large skillet. Add the onion and pepper and saute until tender, about 5 minutes. Add corn, quinoa, black beans and spices and cook 2 - 3 more minutes. When sweet potatoes are fork tender, remove from oven and let rest for 5 minutes. Slice in half and place each half on a plate. Top with quinoa mixture, avocado and a drizzle of both tahini and hot sauce. Finish with a sprinkle of cilantro and enjoy!

Healthy Recipe Mexican Stuffed Sweet Potatoes



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“Hands down best PTstaff, facilities, and rehab program I’ve ever been involved in! A HUGE thank you to Dahlia and staff for all you did to get this old fireman back in service. I’m forever grateful! If you are even thinking about physical therapy, don’t hesitate to call Sports & Ortho!” - TV

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Relieve Neck Pain In Minutes Try this movement to relieve neck pain

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7 The aim of this game is to fill in empty squares using digits from 1 to 9. Each digit must be found once and only once per line, per column and per region. 8 1 4 n°315825 - LevelHard

LEVATOR SCAPULAE STRETCH Grasp your arm on the affected side and tilt your head downward into the armpit. Use your opposite hand to guide your head further into the stretch. Hold for 30 seconds. Repeat 3 times.



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