Andover Unified Development Manual

Part 2 — Unified Development Ordinance Subdivision Regulations

City of Andover Unified Development Manual

D. Subdivision Information. The following information on how the tract is to be subdivided and developed must be shown on the preliminary plat: 1. Location, right-of-way, width, names and approximate grades of proposed streets , and their relationship to existing streets and alleys. 2. Street names. Street names must follow applicable City or County street naming and property numbering policies, and are subject to the approval of the Planning Commission. a. If a street is an extension of or in line with an already named street, that name must be used. b. If a street is not an extension of or in line with an already named street, its name must not duplicate any street name previously used in the City or its surroundings. c. Include appropriate prefixes and suffixes in the street name, to describe the type of street and provide relative direction. d. Address numbers are assigned by either the City or County, depending on their agreed jurisdictions. 3. Easements. Show width and purpose (utilities, drainage, screening, greenspace, pedestrian ways, etc.). 4. Location and type of utilities to be installed , including provisions for stormwater drainage.

5. Zoning Lots. Show approximate dimensions, minimum lot sizes, and proposed lot numbers and block letters or numbers. 6. Sites, if any, to be allocated for development with other than single-family dwellings, or to be dedicated or reserved for park, recreation area, greenspace or other public or private purposes. (See definition of RESERVE.) 7. Proposed front yard building setbacks , which must not be less than required by applicable Zoning Regulations. a. Measure setbacks from the existing or proposed street right-of-way, whichever is a greater distance. E. Submit a separate statement accompanying the preliminary plat, describing the nature and type of improvements proposed for the subdivision. 1. Include a statement describing how the Subdivider intends to finance and guarantee the installation of improvements (petition, actual construction, monetary guarantee, etc.). (See Subdivision Regulations, Section 7-105 on Installation Guarantees for Required Improvements.) F. Aerial Photograph. Aerial should be most recently available image, and show at least 300 feet beyond the boundary of the project site.

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