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“ Allow Your Pain Level To Change With The Seasons!” 4 Simple Ways To Beat The Pain

Are you like many people, suffering from aches and pains? A daily back or neck achemay bemore of a nuisance than anything. However, episodes of pain can become progressively worse, lasting longer and traveling to other parts of your body. If you don’t stop the cycle of pain and discover the root cause of each painful episode, the accumulation of damage to your body may lead to eventual failure of the spinal structures and possible surgery. However, if you address and treat the cause of your pain early through physical therapy, drastic measures such as surgery can often be avoided. Here are some tips to help you battle daily aches and pains. (continued inside)

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Health & Wellness The Newsletter About Your Health And Caring For Your Body

DON’T LET ACHES & PAINS HOLD YOU BACK! 4 Simple Ways To Beat The Pain

Call MARKETPLACE PHYSICAL THERAPY & WELLNESS CENTER If: • Your muscle pain persists beyond 3 days • You have severe, unexplained pain • You have any sign of infection, like swelling or redness around the tender muscle • You have poor circulation in the area where you have muscle aches (for example, in your legs) • Your muscle pain has been associated with starting or changing doses of a medicine

1. ICE & HEAT For muscle pain from overuse or injury, rest that body part and take acetaminophen or ibuprofen depending on what your doctor may advise you is best. Apply ice for the first 24 - 72 hours of an injury to reduce pain and inflammation. After that, heat often feels more soothing. 2. SLEEP Be sure to get plenty of sleep and try to reduce stress. The amount of sleep is dependent on your body. Some people only require 7 hours, others 9. Also, make sure you have a good mattress and sleep on your side or back with pillow support for your legs. If you sleep on your side, put the pillow between your legs. If you sleep on your back, put the pillow behind your thighs. 3. EXERCISE Regular exercise can help restore proper muscle tone. Walking, cycling and swimming are good aerobic activities to try. Be sure to warm up

before exercising and cool down afterward. Our experts at Marketplace Physical Therapy & Wellness Center teach you stretching, toning and aerobic exercises to feel better and stay pain-free. Drink lots of fluids. Begin slowly and increase workouts gradually. Avoid high-impact aerobic activities and weight lifting when injured or while in pain. Consult one of our experts or your doctor before trying exercises you are unsure of doing. 4. PHYSICAL THERAPY Through our program, specialized hands-on techniques and treatments are applied, addressing the poor alignment and dysfunction of the spine, which can irritate and cause pressure on nerves. Physical therapy is the science of restoring pain-free movement with exercises and hands-on techniques. These principles are applied to the body when an injury is sustained to help facilitate a great recovery.

If you are suffering from aches and pains, call us today to learn more about how you can return to a pain-free active lifestyle!


WHY DO YOUR MUSCLES ACHE? M uscle aches and pains are common, typically involving more than one muscle. Muscle pain can also involve ligaments, tendons, and other soft tissues that connect muscles, bones, and organs. Muscle

pain is most frequently related to stress, tension, overuse, or muscle injury from exercise or physically-demanding work. In these situations, the pain tends to involve specificmuscles and starts during or just after the activity. It is usually obvious which posture or activity is causing the pain. Most aches and pains are temporary and generally last 1-3 days. However, once muscle pain begins to go past 3 days without changing, or you feel the same aches and pains repeatedly, it’s time to give us a call as there may be an underlying problem such as muscle imbalance, or stiff tissues and joints. The most common causes are: • Injury or trauma including sprains and strains • Overuse • Tension or stress Muscle pain may also be due to: • Certain drugs, including: -Medicine lowering blood pressure -Medicine lowering cholesterol • Infections • Cold & Influenza (flu) • Electrolyte imbalances, such as too little potassium or calcium • Fibromyalgia


• Move Freely • Alleviate Pain Naturally • Have More Energy • Enjoy Activities Pain Free • Be Stronger •

• Pain while bending or reaching • Soreness after sitting up • Difficulty standing for > 20 mins • Pain when trying to sleep • Pain when driving > 30 mins • Radiating pain to neck Do you suffer with any of the following symptoms?

Don’t let back pain become a way of life Pinpoint the exact cause of your walking and gait problems!


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Patient Success Spotlight

Able to continue with personal training! Sarah “I was only able to ambulate for short distances requiring the use of a cane. After consistent physical therapy and dedication, I am now dancing, going to amusement parks and was able to continue with personal training without any assisted device.”

Feel Better, No Doctor Referral Necessary

Whether you want to come in for a check-up, suffered a recent injury or you want to improve your health, a doctor referral is not needed. In the state of California you have Direct Access to physical therapy! See our physical therapists for: • Recent injury • Nagging aches and pains • Back and neck pain • Joint pain and movement problems • Walking or balance difficulties

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Physical Therapists Are The Mechanics Of Your Body

TAKE CARE OF YOUR ACHES. BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE. Why You Should Come In For Another Check-Up: 9 Move without pain 9 Bend and move freely 9 Balance confidently and securely 9 Sit for long periods comfortably 9 Walk for long distances 9 Live an active and healthy lifestyle

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HEALTHY & QUICK SNACK TO-GO! Surprise Dad With Easy Pinwheel Sandwiches

Hey Moms, this recipe is easy for kids to help with. Let them have fun and show their love for dad! INGREDIENTS 5 10″ flour tortillas 8 ounces of cream cheese 4 Tablespoons of chopped green onions 2 cloves of garlic, finely minced 1 Tablespoon of fresh parsley, chopped Pinch of Sea salt, to taste

10 slices of deli ham 10 slices of deli turkey Lettuce

INSTRUCTIONS For Cream Cheese Spread:

Cut the cream cheese into cubes and put it into a bowl. Add the green onions, minced garlic, parsley and sea salt. Blend for about 3 minutes, or until entire mixture is combined and blended. Spoon mixture into a sealed container and refrigerate for an hour. It will keep in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks in a tightly sealed container. When ready to serve: Lay flour tortillas on a flat surface. Spread the cream cheese mixture across the entire flour tortilla. Layer the deli meats on top of each other completely covering the flour tortilla. Layer the lettuce on top – use enough lettuce to completely cover the deli meat. Roll up each flour tortilla. Use toothpicks to secure the tortilla. Depending on how thick you want them, will determine how many toothpicks you use. If you are able to slice 10 per tortilla you will wind up with 50 pinwheels at the end.


Exercise Essentials Try these exercises to keep your body strong and flexible...

HIP ADDUCTION - SIDELYING While lying on your side, slowly raise up the bottom leg towards the ceiling. Keep your knee straight the entire time for 30 seconds. The top leg should be bent at the knee and your foot planted on the ground supporting your body. Alternate legs and repeat 5 times.

SINGLE LEG STANCE FORWARD Stand on one leg and maintain your balance. Next, hold your leg out in front of your body for 10 seconds. Return to original position. Then switch and repeat 6 times. Maintain a slightly bent knee on the stance side.

Exercises copyright of

Strengthens Back

Helps Balance

INSURANCE INFORMATION We verify insurance and health plans for your convenience

We gladly accept the insurance plans listed below. If your plan is not listed, please call us at 951-684-2874 as we are always adding new insurance plans. As a courtesy to our patients, we will verify your health benefits prior to your arrival to determine if there will be a copay, deductible, or coinsurance for therapy services. For those patients who do not have health insurance or those who have maxed out their benefits, we offer a private pay plan. Please contact us today for more information on our fees for service and payment details. DISCLAIMER: While this is an extensive list, health plans do change regularly without prior notification. We recommend that you verify with your health plan what physical therapy benefits you have available.

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