Zionsville: October Is National Physical Therapy Month

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October 2017

October Is National Physical Therapy Month!

In honor of Physical Therapy Month, I decided to ask my team members what they think of the physical therapy profession and its effect on their lives. Here are a few snippets of their answers: Q: Marissa, I know you are currently on vacation but what do you like best about the PT profession? Marissa: Being a part of someone’s journey toward recovery. Q: Taylor, since you have been with ZPT for one year now, what strikes you as the most interesting thing about working with Physical Therapists? Taylor: Physical Therapists look at people differently than a personal trainer. It has helped me to look at training differently, as the PT’s are finding the solutions for physical pain and problems. The biggest change in a regular training gym is bulking up muscles or slimming their weight. Here at ZPT I have seen people’s lives change dramatically from not being able to walk and take care of their daily chores and more, to the point where they can do it all again. Q: Katie, what is the most interesting aspect of being a physical therapist? Katie: I love getting to know new people and their goals, because everyone comes in to PT with different problems and expectations. It is really fun to come up with creative solutions to different injuries and activities; I’ve learned about Pickle Ball, gymnastics, playing a tuba, dog agility training, and hiking to waterfalls. Every day is new and exciting. You never know who you can help and what you might learn. Q: Brenn, you are new to ZPT! Welcome to our clinic! What do you like best about working in a physical therapy clinic? Brenn: It is something I never thought I would do, but I enjoy the people and learning about PT from the employees I work with. Q: Brenn, what do you enjoy doing at High School, since you are a SENIOR?? Brenn: I am a part of the Zionsville Royalaires show choir and I absolutely love it! I love to work with the

Middle School students every Friday morning, as part of Campus Life. Senior year is great! Q: Katia, you are also a newer member of our team; what do you like best about working with Physical Therapists? Katia: It’s a REALLY good experience for me. This is what I want to do with my life. Being in this positive environment has really helped to motivate me to succeed in this profession. (Katia has graduated from Marian University in Biology and is applying to various physical therapy schools. Good luck, Katia, we are happy to have you for a year!) I really like getting to know the patients and seeing them progress! Q: Christi, what do you like best about working in a Physical Therapy clinic? Christi: I love keeping a warm and inviting environment, and getting to know every patient that walks in the door. Elaine (my own answer): I have been a physical therapist for a looooong time, now, and I find something interesting and motivating every day! With the current challenges in health care, I believe that ZPT is a great place to work and help folks achieve their best results while at the same time, caring for the person inside. No other profession allows us to get close to our patients and really care at a more meaningful level. There you have it folks! Happy Physical Therapy month!


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