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I used those stops as stepping stones, but they were only stops along the journey. They were also the only options back in 2005.

And that initiative, which if you have read any of Napoleon Hill’s work is defined as “doing what ought to be done without being told to do it,” is what allowed me to take personal responsibility for where I was and for where I was going.

It’s 2017. The options are endless now. Psst, there’s this thing called the internet now. Are you using it to make more money, have more freedom, and gain more reach? Or are you still just doing what everyone else in the industry is doing?

Because of that, things automatically started growing.

If you take the initiative to grow and learn things, not just in the industry but outside of it, you will see more money, success, and freedom.

When I was in the studio business, I made plans to diversify, protect, and scale .

Let me share with you the three steps that I and many others have used to pave a richer path to success. It’s not new. It just might be new to you. It has been much traveled. What are you waiting for? The on-ramp is open!

That was 2010.

Looking ahead, having foresight , is a skill I’m going to challenge you to consider ASAP.

1. Create a claim-to-fame success in a “normal” Main Street kind of business.

Some of you will listen, others won’t. It’s just reality.

2. Organize those methods and marketing tools into a system.

In 2010, because I had the foresight (the ability to look ahead), which is so much more profitable than hindsight, I was able to see that the industry was going to move online and go more mobile. Also, I saw that at-home fitness was going to become a thing . I either had to evolve and adapt or watch life get increasingly harder, because the industry and how we serve and make money was and has already changed.

3. Package and sell said system to one’s business/industry/professional peers. Establish either a mid to high six-figure second business income or transition to a seven-figure income with info marketing, ultimately replacing the original business.

Here are a few folks who did it:

Anna Renderer spun her knowledge as a trainer to become an online fitness show host. She then created a system with her training methods and packaged them as the Sexy Confident Woman Formula. She built an additional six-figure business and now is converting customers and fans to coaches who want her mentorship so she can scale beyond her own name. Bedros Keuilian spun his years of studio success into business systems for trainers and studio owners. He created dozens of systems, sold them, and still does. Then, he created a boot camp franchise, mastermind group, and info products out the wazoo, and he is probably in the eight-figure range out there.

I made moves. I started studying what others weren’t yet. I went outside the industry.

Everyone in the industry was struggling to make real money. Many were making money. But it wasn’t the financial and time freedom kind of money, and that’s what I wanted. I looked at who was living the way I wanted to and how were they operating. Then, I used my imagination to take what I saw there and transplant it here.


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