Bonnie Brae all the way

nie Brae Farms. “We’ve been in this business for a long time, but it’s always nice to get some recognition. You know, we work on these cows for two to three months before they’re ready for a show. It’s a lot of hard work and preparation to be ready. Since I do a lot of judging, I knowwhat they’re looking for. But a cow can win a contest and !nish lower at another show. It really is a beauty contest for the cows and you look for those who are really dairy and not like a beef cow.” While Bruce Mode is an o$cial judge for the Ontario Holsteins Branch, at the Pres- cott County show, it was Judge Jamie Black


VANKLEEK HILL | Bonnie Brae Farms of Vankleek Hill was in a winning mode at the Vankleek Hill Fair Holstein show August 15, bringing back home the junior and senior breeder categories and exhibitor banners and a whole lot of ribbons. «I can say that we had a good day”, said owner Bruce Mode, whose family runs Bon-

that was in charge of picking out the best of the best. “It was a great show and I think you can see a pattern in my judging since I like dairy cows, feminine cows that have a lot of breed character. I like cows with tre- mendous udders... strong and stylish hind legs and a well- balanced body. All in all, a very strong showing here at the fair in the junior and senior ranks.” At the Prescott show, only one ma-

Bruce Mode and the reserve grand champion, Cherry Crest Sid Coco.

jor title slipped through the hands of the Mode family, the grand junior champion title, won by the Leroy fa- mily of Saint-Eugene.

tant for the breed to get exposure.” While the summer show season is pretty

much done, some exhi- bitors and breeders from the region will travel to Metcalfe in October for the Eastern Ontario and Wes- tern Québec Championship show. “Vankleek Hill was a county show and the one in Metcalfe will be a regio- nal one”, explained Bruce Mode. “It will be much stronger but we’ll still get there and compete. Maybe we won’t win as much but we’ll still do ok... I hope.”

“From the heifers we had at home, she kind of stood out”, said Tim Leroy. “She was bigger than the other ones her age. She’s got a lot of style and they like that on the show ring. (…) Shows like that help you to get advertising and your animals out. Because she won, maybe someone will want to buy her. If you don’t come out, nobody sees them and it’s impor-

Grand championRedstone Goldwyn Olenya

Judge Jamie Black during the Prescott County show in VKH.

Photos Stéphane Lajoie

Tim Leroy of Saint-Eugene with the junior champion, YorellaWindbrook Manhatten.

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