Because Serhant had to figure out the crazy industry called real estate primarily on his own, he wants nothing more than for others to succeed. It’s why he put his secrets — the very ones that he uses every day — in his online course, which includes videos, interactive worksheets, and guides to help others master his sales techniques. Selling a home, be it a luxury penthouse in Manhattan, or a modest ranch in Toledo, is one that realtors should want to do right. Of course, it’s also nice when you can make a living doing it!

Here are a few of Serhant’s expert tips to avoid common mistakes when selling real estate:

1 Always know what's next

2 Take an improv class... yes, seriously! Ryan was a self-proclaimed “theater kid” and loves acting. He believes improv to be the secret weapon of sales and encourages his team (and you!) to do improv. It helps build confidence by improving your quick-thinking skills and when applied to sales, encourages the conversation in a positive direction.

3 Network and make connections It’s always a good idea to network wherever you go. At the gym, coffee- house, your child’s school, or literally anywhere, try to make a connec- tion with another person. Sales isn’t just about the sale, it’s about making a lasting relationship so you are top of mind when they are ready to sell.

4 Don't hide behind your phone Many real estate agents would rather call or email than take the time to meet with their clients face to face. That small gesture of going the extra

5 Always follow up Block out time in your day – every day — to follow up with new, current, and past clients. You’ll increase sales and keep things moving forward. As a side note, the follow up doesn’t just have to be about the sale, it could be about a movie you saw that you think the client might like, or it could be asking a client about their daughter’s dance recital. Real, honest, and sincere com- munication is key.

Don’t focus on just one deal at a time. When you work multiple deals at once you always know what your next deal is be- cause it’s already amount of energy to work one deal as it does three or four because they are all at different stages in the buying/sell- ing process. in the works. It takes the same

mile to meet in person can seal the deal.

 Serhant’s secrets are helping others in the industry, which aligns with Think Realty’s educational mission. In fact, Think Realty’s CEO Eddie Wilson talks with Serhant on an episode of the Think Realty Podcast. Stay tuned for more announcements and be sure to check it out to learn more real estate tips from this million-dollar real estate mogul! •

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