NO. 1 MEET WITH YOUR LOCAL ECONOMIC DEVELOP- MENT DIRECTOR. Find out plans for residential and com- mercial developments, see properties for sale, learn city incentives, and ask for an updated aerial of the city. SHOP SMALL. Support local business owners and restaurants. Be sure to post pictures/videos and tag the business on your social media about your experience so other people will also go visit. VOLUNTEER. Pick up trash or apply to serve on a local government board. (I recently applied and now am on my local Zoning Board of Adjustments.) Join an organization you support, help the food bank, hospital, or local clinic. NO. 2 NO. 3 NO. 5 SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL SPORTS TEAMS. You can make connections and get a real sense of your commu- nity by cheering on your home team! GO TO A MEETUP. Check out Eventbrite and attend events that meet your interest and meet people with similar interests. TAKE A CLASS. Local colleges offer a plethora of activities like yoga and dance and classes like sculp- ture and graphic design – even real estate classes! Or try anything that you have always wanted to learn to enhance your knowledge. GET INVOLVED IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD. Check out Nextdoor, a neighborhood app, host a block party, sponsor an event, or build a community garden. Also, by traveling to different parts of the world, you can see what is going on and bring those innovations in devel- opment projects back home to your community. Finding or building a community where people are your tribe is good for your mind, body, and soul. Go out and explore different areas in your community. Getting involved brings us a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment. As real estate investors, we have the opportunity to truly make a difference in our own communities, and others. • PamGoodwin is a licensed broker and owner of her own successful commercial real estate firm, Goodwin Commercial, Pamela has closed multimillion-dollar deals across 80 cities and 16 states. As a certified instructor, best-selling author, and in-demand speaker with hands-on experience, Pamela excels in helping others learn all sides of commercial real estate from tenant, landlord, developer, broker, and investor perspectives. NO. 6 NO. 7 NO. 8 NO. 4 JOIN THE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE. Serve on a committee. Some businesses also give discounts.


by Pam Goodwin


s human beings, we need a sense of belonging, and having a community we call home can com- fort us and can offer that much-needed connection. Interacting with people can help rejuvenate us and lift us up. In fact, Google the term “loneliness epidemic” and you might be surprised how many results you get. It is proven that humans are social beings that require interaction with others for a healthier life. The root of the word “community” is “common.” Com- mon + unity equals a group of individuals connected to each other by common interests. It is essential to surviv- al in this great big world. People have an innate need to interact with each other and have a place to call home. New developments are transforming communities nationwide. Additions like beautiful artwork from local artists, entertainment venues, and landscaping provide peaceful surroundings to bring people together. People go to these areas for the experience. These newer commercial developments not only provide a place to interact with others, but most also offer quiet places to read, meditate and escape the hustle of busy life. Some even incorporate the local police department, City Hall, outdoor theaters, pet parks, and health clinics. In es- sence, the development itself becomes a community. As a developer and knowing how fierce the competi- tion is to have an innovative development, I have seen a rise of ‘destinations’ or ‘lifestyle centers’ to create a one-place community to live, work, and play. Use your imagination and hire the best architects that will see your vision to create a space that people want to belong. It used to be where you could develop a proj- ect and walk away for 20 years, but now people want changing surroundings. You will see artwork changing, more seasonal landscaping, and more pop-up and temporary stores.

The Shops of Willow Bend in Plano, TX

A continuing trend is to demolish large shopping malls, providing significant upside and redevelopment opportunities. A mall close to my home in Plano, TX, called The Shops at Willow Bend recently tore down a former Saks Fifth Avenue and did a $100 million make- over scheduled in stages to include a beautiful outdoor area with chef-driven restaurants, a class A office tower, movie theater, kid-friendly zone, and an enter- tainment district. The developer re-energized the com- munity with this development that also includes large board games, water features, live music, local venders, and a place to meet friends, family, and colleagues. You have the power to change things in your commu- nity. Here are some ways you can get involved and find out what is needed to improve your own community:

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