November isn’t just about turkeys, pilgrims, and frenzied holiday preparation -- it’s also Small Business Month, and as such it’s an ideal time to reect on the ways you’re preparing your nances for next year. One of the biggest struggles many small businesses face is a lack of liquid capital -- but there are some easy solutions. For example, did you know that you can sign up for a Business Account with GROUNDFLOOR? Here are three major reasons doing so can help maximize your cash in hand as you move into the new year. Invest Fractionally in Real Estate Projects Did you know that real estate has historically realized more stable returns than the stock market? While index- es like the S&P 500 have yielded average annual returns of around 10%, they can also uctuate wildly from year to year (case in point: last year, the S&P 500 nished down -6%). Real estate, by contrast, provides invest- ment opportunities that tend to be much more stable, with higher yields. By signing up for a Business Account on GROUNDFLOOR, you can also get in on the action. On the platform, you are able to create your own custom portfolio of fractionalized real estate investments, all for a minimum of just $10. It’s a simple and cost-eective way to diversify your working dollars, and a great avenue to begin investing for your business’ future. Invest in Short-Term, High-Yield Real Estate Notes Think about the kinds of accounts you’ve opened to house your business’ funds. Are they adequately helping your money grow? You might want to consider switching from a traditional CD or other interest-bearing account to a short-term, high-yield real estate Note. GROUNDFLOOR Notes oer higher rates than CDs (traditionally 2-3%) -- yielding anywhere from 4% to 8% annualized interest -- but with the same date-delimited repayment terms. And with as little as three-month term options, your business might benet from the extra nancial boost this kind of investment can provide. Get a Business Line of Credit for Real Estate Investing If your small business happens to be a real estate business, think about getting a business line of credit.

Sourcing investment properties is dicult and stressful, often requiring you to move quickly when you nd a property you want.

GROUNDFLOOR’s newly-launched QC Maxx program is a great nancing solution that can be hugely benecial to your real estate business. When you become pre-approved for a business line of credit through this program, securing real estate deals -- such as x and ip or BRR projects -- becomes a cinch. Not only do you appear more attractive to sellers, you also benet from a streamlined closing process. You’ll be on your way to the closing table -- and to the construction site -- before you know it.

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