APEGA Strategic Plan



Our members and permit holders practise engineering and geoscience in a diverse array of sectors. They are integral to the Alberta economy, enhancing the quality of life Albertans enjoy. From academia to industry, from government to not-for-profits, from natural resources to environmental consulting, APEGA’s members make ethical and skilled decisions that protect and serve the public. • APEGA is governed by a Council made up of 16 elected professional members, including a Council president, plus three appointed public members. • APEGA takes part in national conversations on engineering and geoscience issues through its involvement with Engineers Canada and Geoscientists Canada. • With more than 74,000 members, APEGA is the largest organization of self-regulated professionals in Western Canada. • APEGA has more than 4,600 permit-holding companies. Within this group, nearly 8,000 Responsible Members oversee these employers’ professional practices. • APEGA consistently processes more than 5,000 membership applications each year with more than 25 per cent of these coming from internationally trained applicants. • APEGA delivers about 7,000 exams a year to applicants and members. • APEGA relies on the support of more than 2,000 volunteers working more than 55,000 hours in total each year. • APEGA’s outreach programs inspire our future

COMMITMENT TO REGULATORY EXCELLENCE The Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA) regulates the practices of engineering and geoscience in Alberta on behalf of the Government of Alberta. We are the largest association of self- regulated professionals in Western Canada. Our members work in diverse industries, contributing significantly to Alberta’s economic success and enhancing the quality of life Albertans enjoy. APEGA and our members have a shared commitment to public safety and well-being through the self-regulation of the professions.

generations of professional engineers and professional geoscientists by engaging with more than 3,000 Grade 1 to 12 students each year.


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