APEGA Strategic Plan



Past-President Nima Dorjee, P.Eng., FEC, FGC (Hon.)

Welcome to the APEGA strategic plan. This carefully conceived and developed plan sets us up for success as we meet the challenges—and act on the opportunities—that our storied organization faces. An environmental scan during our planning session revealed four key areas of attention. Here’s my quick take on each of them: • Our volunteers are critically important to our success, so they should reflect the diversity of our members in the field. • Our members achieve their professional titles from a variety of Canadian communities and from around the world. This is a strategic strength of perspective and knowledge that we have, and we need to ensure that we’re putting it to proper use. • Self-regulation must be adaptable to the rapidly changing world and to the merging of technologies—a landscape in which the overlap of disciplines is becoming more common and professional challenges are becoming more difficult to assess. • APEGA must continue to seek ways to improve the regulation of work outsourced to other jurisdictions, given the prominent role it plays in engineering and geoscience in our province.

• The way we regulate must demonstrate positive social change, because that’s an expectation widespread among the public, whose interests we serve. Self-regulation is an exceptional, proven model for protecting the people of Alberta. However, we must continue to demonstrate our excellence, and we must do so in new, more relevant, and more visible ways. A large number of our members continue to be unemployed or underemployed, and there is no blanket, quick fix to move them into meaningful, well-paid positions. I do believe, however, that improving our strategic relevance, in concert with changing times, will actually help create opportunities for members as the economy of Alberta finds its new normal. The elected leader in charge of the next steps in this journey is George Eynon, P.Geo., FGC, FEC (Hon.), the 100th President of APEGA. Through his commitment, combined with a deep well of regulatory and governance experience, our members and this plan will be well served as he leads us into our centennial year. Over to you, George!


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