APEGA Strategic Plan



President George Eynon, P. Geo., FGC, FEC (Hon.)

As the 100th President of APEGA, it is my good fortune to launch our new strategic plan. The credit for it, however, is not mine. I was involved, yes, but this document is the result of the hard work of many, under the leadership of my predecessor, Past-President Nima Dorjee, P.Eng., FEC, FGC (Hon.). It is the outcome of careful reflection, spirited discussion, and supportive collaboration from APEGA’s elected leaders and top management. When we started this journey, we knew we needed an improved structure and that we needed to reflect the learnings APEGA has collected over the final five years or so of our first century. These learnings are profound, and many of them resulted from APEGA’s review of the Engineering and Geoscience Professions Act . The review involved the largest and most thorough consultation of stakeholders in APEGA’s history. This plan is one example of how that groundwork is making us better now, well before a new Act becomes law.

The plan required an update, but two other challenges drove its creation: the need to inform all our stakeholders about APEGA and the need to address Alberta’s growing reliance on the outsourcing of professional services. We must explain to stakeholders that APEGA protects the public. And we must make sure outsourcing is properly regulated. This plan will help guide us in both areas. My final point is that practising our professions is a privilege and so is self-regulation. The Government of Alberta (and therefore the people of Alberta) grants us these privileges, entrusting us to self-regulate in service of the public interest. We are obligated to practise and self-regulate properly, which also means we must adapt and evolve with the times. All that and more is reflected in APEGA Strategic Plan: Building a Safe and Resilient Alberta .

I hope you will find it interesting, challenging, and motivating.


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