APEGA Strategic Plan


RELIANCE ON VOLUNTEERISM Volunteerism is an essential ingredient of our self- regulatory system, so we must remain mindful of our reliance on an engaged volunteer pool. We must pay attention to changes in member demographics and volunteering trends to ensure we efficiently and effectively continue to deliver on our mandate to protect the public interest in Alberta. NEW TECHNOLOGIES Since the inception of the professions, a major challenge has been incorporating new technologies into the work we do and the professions we regulate. The pace of change is accelerating, and we need to be aware of emerging and disruptive technologies, such as artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, and software engineering, to name a few. Combined with increasing disciplinary work that crosses major fields of study, such as engineering, medicine, chemistry, and physics, we face new challenges that did not exist when our regulatory framework was established. GLOBALIZATION Off-shoring of engineering and geoscience continues and is increasing. Increasingly, design work for a single project happens outside of Alberta. This situation creates a difficult challenge in protecting the public welfare. How do we regulate professionals who practise in other countries and provide services remotely to Alberta? POSITIVE SOCIAL CHANGE Protecting the public has always been at the heart of APEGA’s mandate. With new approaches in regulation, we must complement that role by demonstrating positive change by working towards bettering the lives of all members of society. RELEVANCE We know that to remain trusted and respected, we must continue to provide value. Yet for many members and stakeholders, APEGA’s value proposition is unclear. Are we a self-regulator, a member association, or something in between? Beyond our responsibilities in the Engineering and Geoscience Professions Act , what products and services should we offer? Value means different things to different people, so understanding the answers to these questions and the expectations of the majority is the key to ensuring our long-term relevancy.

EVOLVING LANDSCAPE To inform Council and shape the direction of this strategic plan, we scanned trends in regulation, technology, volunteerism, and demographics, along with key emerging issues.


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