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JULY 2019


world, we came away with a deeper understanding of the craft than I thought possible. Needless to say, we can’t wait to put this new knowledge to good use. On the homefront, I’m proud to report that Jessica’s journey as a missionary has come full circle. I’ve mentioned in the past that going on a mission trip to the inner city as a member of our church’s youth group inspired her to pursue that line of work in her adult life. Now, she’s gotten the chance to chaperone the exact same youth group on their mission trip to Panama City Beach, Florida. Watching her help the next generation of faith leaders is certainly poetic; she truly has become an adult. Watching my daughter and our company take such great strides has made this summer particularly heartwarming for me. I’m beyond proud of the strides both Jessica and our team have taken. To say I’m excited for the future would be a very big understatement. With such a strong foundation and with such fantastic training, Pye-Barker is better prepared to deliver better customized engineering solutions than ever before. Like I said above, our future is looking bright.

Summer is in full swing, and I can confidently say that things are looking bright for Pye-Barker and the Lunsford family. Capitalizing on the new hires we brought on this spring, we’ve spent the last two months holding intense training sessions for our sales reps and technicians. By honing our team’s skills, we’re poised to make a huge leap towards our company’s future. It all begins with education. At the time of writing, we’ve just finished a marathon two-day instruction put on by Gardner Denver, who were kind enough to send one of their project managers to our location. However, the capstone to the last two months of training was delivered by none other than Bill Scales himself! In case you aren’t as big of a nerd when it comes to compressed air as my team and I, Bill Scales is a bit of a celebrity in our world. During his time running a distributorship in the Northeast, he worked hand in hand with the Department of Energy on major projects, becoming the foremost authority in our trade. As much as it feels like blasphemy to use the word, Scales really did write the bible on compressed air. His best practices manual has set industry standards across the board. We were lucky enough to host Mr. Scales earlier this spring and gain his insights on the future of compressed air. Speaking with someone that has conducted audits of thousands of systems around the

-Eric Lunsford


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