Coye Law - March 2020


Chronicle March 2020 Edition

Wade Coye Attorney

The World Can Be a Scary Place But There Are Ways to Combat Our Fears

Telecommunication abilities have become astounding. When it comes to getting medical services and diagnoses, there may never be as effective a replacement as in-person visits, but if you have ailments you’re curious or nervous about venturing into public with, you can hop online and speak with a doctor via video instead. For example, telemedicine in central Florida through Centra Care is a great option for these kinds of services. They’ll ask you questions, do a visual exam, and deliver prescriptions. It’s entirely possible to fight illness from the comfort and protection of your home these days, at least to a certain extent. So don’t let fear deny you the care you need.

Viruses are a part of human history. They’ve both destroyed civilizations and inspired progress. They continue to rise and fall at various intervals, and the events occurring in the world right now are proof of that. These days, the word “virus” has even morphed to mean different things. A prime example is how it relates to technology and the spread of information. The spread of either a biological virus or a technical virus can be a frightening concept, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be. We can be cautious and protect ourselves, and there are options that give us ways to keep living our lives. We live in a globally connected world, and when it comes to biological viruses, they quickly spread due to our ability to easily travel around the world. It used to be that to avoid a virus, you’d simply avoid a specific area or the people who potentially carried it. While that’s a nice idea, it’s no longer feasible because we are far more connected in many ways. Today, ideas and information, whether true or not, spread just as quickly as biological viruses do. This is the result of the rise of technology like computers, the internet, and social media. The spread happens on such a massive scale that unless you’re living in a third-world country with little access to a computer or a smartphone, you really can’t escape the constant feed of information as it moves and grows more rapidly than wildfire. But there is an interesting result that has formed from the way these two worlds affect one another. With the rising threat of spreadable illness around the world, technology has also risen in conjunction to face the challenges these threats pose. People are fearful of contracting a rapidly spreading illness. Granted, some of this fear is misplaced, and we have technology’s ability to increase the spread of information to thank for that. But we also have to thank technology for providing ways to navigate around the issues fear might be causing.

In our office, we jumped on the telecommunication train a few stops back. Everything we do is cloud-based now, and we work via our smartphones nonstop. We offer video conferences and telephone conferences, and we text and email contracts and documents that our

clients need to keep moving forward with their cases. We make sure our business doesn’t stop when there are rising fears and threats lurking beyond our walls. In the end, it’s important to remember: Life goes on. It must go on. In the face of the spread of illness, the spread of information, and the spread of fear, life has to push forward. Luckily, we live in a day and age when it’s much easier to make that a possibility. So don’t let fear hold you back. Know your options, stay prepared, and always look ahead to a brighter future. -Wade Coye


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