Progressive PT: Shoulder, Elbow, & Wrist Pain

Patient Success Spotlights

Now I’mbalancing onmy leg bymyself!

“When I first walked into Progressive Physical Therapy, I was hanging on to my sister’s arm. I couldn’t walk by myself. I couldn’t balance myself. I was dizzy, terribly confused from a brain injury, not able to stand the lights, couldn’t do stairs by myself without falling, no driving, couldn’t walk by myself, and couldn’t turn my head. Now I’m driving, I’mwalking by myself, laughing again, and balancing on my leg by myself. Erin was so supportive through all of my crying spells, because I couldn’t talk to get out my thoughts. Her neck therapy was wonderful. I appreciate all she has done for me. Thank you Erin and Sherry!” - Kat, Greensburg Clinic

I started feeling better and better!

“This was my first time doing physical therapy. Before, I couldn’t lift much, due to my back. Visit after visit I started feeling better and better. Everyone at Progressive was really nice and worked well with me, and with my physical therapists, finding the best treatment for me. Thanks to my therapists and everyone at Progressive!” - Tyler, Seymour Clinic

I amdoing great and ampain free!

“Before therapy, I could not sleep with the pain I had in my arm. With all the weight exercise, it does not bother me anymore. I could not stick my hand in my pocket without pain. Now, it does not hurt at all. I am doing great and am pain free.” - Christine, Columbus Clinic

Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at Progressive Physical Therapy. We hope you have a wonderful day filled with love with family and friends. We love our wonderful patients.

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