WHY SHOULD YOU CHOOSE OUR ALUMINIUM RADIATORS? | they can be successfully integrated into a copper system | thanks to low weight, they can be fixed to the wall easily | they are made of aluminium which ensures efficient thermal conductivity | the special shape of the radiator air blades facilitates the process of transferring the heated air | they have a modern profile | they are corrosion-resistant | thanks to low water capacity, they cooperate well with dynamic and automated systems | they are suitable for systems with gravitational water circulation | they are characterised by an extended heat transfer surface (section structure) | they can be controlled easily, which is an important feature especially during transitional periods when significant temperature fluctuations occur | they are packed in polyethylene foil and a cardboard box, which protects them against transport and storage damages The economical operation of a radiator contributes to heat savings and, consequently, leads to lowering energy bills. Our radiators are characterised by low water capacity and low weight, which is a huge advantage during transport or assembly.


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