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4 Decades in the Business Why I’m Glad I Joined Up With Bob 20 Years Ago


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S ome say that Bob and I are like an old married couple. I see where they’re coming from. I’ve worked for him for 20 years; we’ve been through many ups and downs together. Our work relationship reflects that. I think it’s safe to say I know him pretty darn well, and he knows me too. We first met when I was hired on as a temp at Knox Law Center. I came with 20 years of legal experience (to save you the math, that’s 40 total).We worked together, and not long after, he told me he was forming his own firm and wanted me to go with him. It’s wasn’t a difficult decision. I felt like Bob and I hit it off from the beginning. He seemed like a good old country lawyer to me. He grew up in Newton, which is where my husband was originally from, and he acted like it. He treated people with respect, from his paralegals to his working class clients. I’ve worked for many large firms, and I can tell you right now that’s not always the case. I wanted to work for the type of clients Bob took on. In addition, I wasn’t excited about switching law firms all the time with my temp agency and wanted a steady job. I had no doubt that Bob would succeed on his own, so it felt like a safe bet. He took me on as a paralegal at his new firm, Bollinger & Piemonte (he had a partner in those days), and the rest is history. I can’t imagine having spent the bulk of my career anywhere else. In my experience, I’ve worked on both sides of the courtroom— plaintiff and defendant. I enjoy being on this side because I feel like we’re really helping everyday people, whereas the defendant side usually has you representing big companies.

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getting my associate’s degree in secretarial science, my husband, Gerald, and I moved around enough to figure out what we liked.We met and got married in Texas, where I worked for different departments all around the state.After that, we traded the warm climate for Salt Lake City, where we nearly froze to death.Then we braved the Plains states in Davenport, Iowa, and nearly froze again. Finally we moved to Memphis, and it felt wonderful to be back in the South.We moved to Charlotte in 1996 and have been here ever since, loving it for the culture, weather, and the Great Smoky Mountains. In my spare time, I spend most Friday nights in the fall bowling on a team with my good friends.After that, my energy is pretty well spent, and I like to relax for the weekend.At my age, after working 40–50 hours a week, I’m ready to chill by the time Saturday rolls around. Overall, I feel like I’m getting older by the minute. But as I get older, it’s a pleasure to work with Bob. I come from a generation where you find one job you love and stick to it. Despite our firm’s ups and downs over the years, Bob hasn’t made it too difficult to stick around.

That’s my professional opinion. On a personal note, I’m glad I get to spend most of my career in Charlotte.After bobby-bollinger-1739108.html

– Janice Craig

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