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The primary benefit of functional training is to allow the athlete to move in all three planes of motion effectively and without injury. Traditional methods of training use free weights and machines to build muscle by isolating certain muscle groups. This limits the athlete to specific patterns and does not allow the athlete to be dynamic. Functional training utilizes multiple muscles at once, which in turn allows the athlete to move in multiple planes. These exercises not only improve the overall strength of the athlete, but they help to build a strong core which improves the balance, agility, speed and general physical fitness of that athlete

Research has proven that athletes who train functionally on multiple planes experienced a 58% increase in strength, while improving their balance by 196%*. There was also a decrease of 30% in overall pain and incidents of injury*.

• Decrease the need for bracing • Improve athletic performance

• Improve strength • Improve balance • Improve coordination • Improve joint stability

*Spennewyn,K. 2008. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, January, Volume 22, Number 1

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