IBV LED Catalogue

n The sealing of our products is done with the use of a two-component polyurethane foam that is applied with the help of an automatized production line. This allows us to manufacture products with an IP rating of 65, 66, 67 or 69 according to the needs of our customers. Benefits of this technology include swift production and reliable quality. In addition to our three foaming machines, a fourth one has been recently installed where we use a silicone foam with unique features.

n Coextrusion is a complex extrusion process in which the machine can extrude two materials of different colours at the same time (merged within the tool). Its main advantage is that the optical part of the luminaire

can be clear or opalised while the back of the extruded profile can be any other colour, usually white or grey. The machine has an extrusion speed of 0.8–3 m/min – depending on the construction. The raw materials we use are PC or PMMA . In the lighting business we use it for manufacturing extruded profiles applied at tubular luminaires such as in case of our newly developed, 793-Multiproof, too. Coextrusion offers several advantages to our company as an exciting field of technology. New dimensions are opening in product development that are limited only by imagination. This resulted in the expansion of our product portfolio . We expect that the installation of the new extruder line will provide our company with further business opportunities and new target markets .

n The assembly of our luminaires takes place in our assembly workshop at the highest level. The Kanban system ensures that all the necessary components are at disposal according to needs, thus contributing to an efficient assembly process. All of our assembled luminaires are 100% checked for quality and functionality . n Numerous European companies have transferred the production of their plastic products to us. We have assumed our partners´ production successfully whether it is GRP or thermoplastics processing. Nothing expresses the trust of our partners placed in us better than the fact that such projects resulting from production transfers account for 30% of our revenue.

We have gained great experience in the maintenance and repair of moulds producing plastic components, thanks to the fact that we look after our own as well as our partners’ moulds. Our mould shop has all the facilities necessary account for maintaining and repairing the moulds, which helps us to provide ongoing maintenance work of several hundred moulds. It is our extensive know-how, experience and expert knowledge acquired over the years that help us orchestrate a complex transfer of production very often requiring significant technological development – from design through sampling process to the successful realization of the project – in a professional manner ensuring our partner that the production is in safe and competent hands.


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