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ACL SCREENING & INJURY PREVENTION CLINIC March 21, 2020 10am-12pm at Ellis Physical Therapy Ages: 10 and up Athletes will be evaluated to determine if their mechanics place them at a higher risk for ACL injury. Athletes will be given some education and exercises to help prevent or correct mechanics to reduce risk of injury. Athletes will hear about our FASTER Program that is designed to increase speed, first step explosion, strength, and agility. The FASTER Program is designed to be safe and help reduce injury. The screening will take around 10-20 minutes per person. We will be doing a drawing for a T-shirt and free FASTER Sessions.

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Approximately one-third of Americans will experience knee pain at some point in their lives, either due to injury or an underlying condition. Yourkneesarehinge joints thatallow for the forward-and-backwardmotions within the joint. The knee is one of the largest joints in your body, made up of a complex system of bones, tendons, and ligaments. Because of this, the knee can be easily injured due to overexertion and repetitive motions. Fortunately, many injuries can be prevented by simply taking preventative measures. If you participate in a sport, hobby, or career that is physically demanding on the knees, Ellis Physical Therapy can help you prevent unwanted injuries. Contact us today to learn more! What are some common knee injuries? While there are many different types of knee injuries, some common ones include: • Patellar tendinitis – Your tendons are thick connective tissues that attach muscles tobones.Tendinitisoccurswhenoneormultiple tendonsbecome inflamed. The patellar tendon, located in the knee, typically becomes

inflamed through repetitive motions. • Patellofemoral syndrome – This condition is also known as anterior knee pain syndrome. It is caused when the cartilage underneath the kneecap becomes stretched, torn, or otherwise damaged from injury or excessive overuse. • Knee bursitis – Bursae are small fluid sacs that act as cushions outside of your joints. Knee bursitis occurs when the bursae in your knee becomes inflamed, limiting the ability for your tendons and ligaments to move smoothly over the joint. • Dislocation. Dislocations of knee can occur as a result of a fall or other sort of trauma. If you are experiencing pain from a recent slip or fall, you may be feeling the symptoms of a dislocation. • Tears. There are four ligaments in the knees that have a possible risk of tearing. The most commonly torn ligament is the “anterior cruciate ligament,” or ACL. It is also possible for cartilage to tear, causing pain. Tears are typically a result of some sort of trauma experienced to the painful area.

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There are many simple tasks you can do on your own to make sure you are at a low risk of sustaining an injury. These include, but are not limited to: 1. Prepare for the terrain. Whether you’re hiking, biking, or simply taking a stroll, it is important to prepare for the terrain beforehand. Knee injuries are common when moving or biking along unsteady surfaces. Hiking boots with proper traction will help you maneuver those uneven terrains without the risk of slipping or falling. If needed, custom orthotics may also be fitted to your boots, in order to make the journey easier and more comfortable for you, in addition to decreasing your risk of injury. While biking, it is important to make sure you have a thick tread that isn’t worn-down and that your wheels can sustain any rocks or sticks you may bike over. 2. Train your body. It is important to train your body for any physically demanding event, whether it be a sport, hobby, or job. By training, doing proper warm-ups and cool-downs after a workout, maintaining a nutritious diet, and strengthening the necessary parts of your body, you can greatly decrease your risk of sustaining an injury. Contact us to find out how we can get you to your peak performance 3. Run responsibly. Running can lead to some accidental injuries, such as Achilles tendinitis, sprains, or shin splints. By wearing the proper footwear and maintaining a proper running technique during the summer months, you can run responsibly without the risk of sustaining an injury. Make sure your feet are always aimed in the direction you are running, your body is leaned forward, and your knees are soft and bent, in order to lessen the impact of the ground. Most importantly – always warm up beforehand! Contact us to find out other ways we can help you improve your technique. Schedule a consultation today! At Ellis Physical Therapy, we want you to be able to enjoy your life without risking an undesirable knee injury. If you find yourself in any sort of pain, or if you’d like some extra assistance in injury

prevention, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can design an individualized treatment plan for you, based on your specific needs and goals!

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Exercise Essentials Flexibility, strength, and stability are needed to keep you loose and pain-free... Not all exercises are appropriate for every person. Please consult with a healthcare provider before starting.

KNEE EXTENSION STRETCH While sitting, tighten your top thigh muscle to press the back of your knee downward towards the ground. Relieves Knee Pain

Stretches Knees

SHORT ARC QUAD Place a rolled up towel or object under your knee and slowly straighten your knee as you raise up your foot.




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Patient Success Spotlight

“I strained my ankle in August and limped around for 3 months. Finally, I decided that I needed help. I started therapy December 25th and a month later, I was cross country skiing again with no pain. Thank-you Logan and Stace. I am very impressed and smiling.” - N.H. “I was cross country skiing again with no pain.”



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Source: https://www.modernhoney.com/healthy-juice-cleanse-recipes/

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