Creative Projects at Home

Milk Carton Fairy House

Repurpose your milk cartons to create a recycled fairy house or castle in your garden!

To begin, decide where you would like to place your fairy house, a popular spot is beside a tree. With the help of an adult cut any windows or doors you would like in your milk carton, if you are choosing to hang the fairy house, you should punch a hole in the carton at this time. Now it’s time to decorate your fairy house, use items you find in your garden such as some bark, moss, grass, flowers or perhaps you would like to decorate your fairy house with some recyclable items in your house such as old paper, lids, buttons and more. Once decorated, allow the glue to dry and place your fairy house in your chosen location.

To create your upcycled fairy house you will need

A milk carton

• • • •



Decorations (moss, bark, leaves. flowers, string)



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