Creative Projects at Home

Make your own paper

Recycle your own paper at home

To make recycled paper you will need the following:

Old shredded paper or cut into small pieces


• • • • • • •

Wire screen


A bowl Water

Food colouring (optional) Decorative materials (flower petal etc.- optional)

• To begin, add your shredded or cut paper to a bowl of water and allow it to soak for 2 hours or overnight. • Once soaked, add the paper to a blender with a small amount of the water from the bowl. • Blend until the paper becomes a pulpy texture (continue to add water from the bowl if needed). • Take the pulp and add it to a bowl, here you can add any decorative features you would like such as food colouring or flower petals. • Place the tray under the wire screen (this is used to collect excess water). • Place the pulp on top of the wire screen in the shape of your paper and press pulp to drain any excess water. • Leave the pulp to dry. • Once dry, peel the paper off the screen. It will now be ready to draw on again!

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