Creative Projects at Home

Tin Can Wind Chimes

Upcycle your tin cans to make some wind chimes!

You will need: •

Clean tin cans String or yarn

• • • •




If you are working with young people, please supervise at all times

• Ensure that any sharp edges of the tin can are removed or taped over.

• To begin, decorate your tin cans how you please, you can use paint or perhaps upcycle some paper and tape it to the can.

• Once decorated, punch a hole in the bottom of the tin can (an adult will need to do this).

• Thread your string or knitting wool through the hole and tie a knot at the end, to ensure it holds in place. If you have a large hole, you may wish to tie the end of the string around an old cork to act as a secure stopper.

• Hang your tin cans to hear them chime in the wind!


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