Creative Projects at Home

Homemade Rainwater Harvester

Repurpose your milk cartons to catch some rainwater and encourage water conservation

To make your rainwater harvester you will need:

• Large milk or juice carton (large clear plastic bottles also work well) • A funnel (this can be made from the top of plastic bottle if you do not have one at home) • Markers, coloring pencils etc. to decorate your harvester!

1. Paint or decorate the milk carton.

2. To create a homemade funnel, cut the top off a 2 litre bottle and sit the top inside the milk carton or sit a funnel inside the milk carton (tip: the wider the funnel, the more rain you will catch). 3. Place the milk carton outside, you may want to place some rocks around it to ensure it doesn’t blow over. Alternately, use strong rope to attach the bottle to a fence with the lid securely fastened and pointing downwards.

4. Overtime your carton will collect rain.

5. Measure how many ml of water is collected by pouring into a jug!

6. It can be used to water plants or composting. Cleaning water for your kitchen tap, to make it good enough to drink, uses a lot of energy. By using rainwater, you’re helping to save energy. This water is not drinkable.



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