Creative Projects at Home

Homemade Greenhouse

Green houses are a great way to speed up the germination process of your plants.

To create a mini plastic cup greenhouse, you will need the following:

Plastic cups (2 are needed for each seedling, one cup to hold the soil and a second clear cup to sit on top of the cup)

A thumbtack or pin

• • • •


Seeds Water

1. Using the cup that is going to hold the soil, poke several holes in the bottom of the cup. These holes are used for drainage of excess water. 2. Fill the cup with soil and pat down gently, add your seeds (normally 3-5 small seeds per cup or one large seed per cup). 3. Cover with the remaining soil until your cup is almost full. 4. Water your seeds and place the clear plastic cup on top. 5. By placing the clear plastic cup on top, moisture will be locked in and your seeds should sprout faster. 6. Place your mini green house on a plate or tray and leave on a window sill or an area that sunlight reaches and water every 1-2 days. 7. Soon you should see your seeds grow!



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