Creative Projects at Home

Home Composting Experiment

Have you ever wondered how composting works?

To carry out your composting experiment you will need:

An empty clear container

such as a 2-litre bottle or

large glass jar


Leaves, grass, newspaper,

vegetable peelings (no dairy

or meat).

1. In your empty container, add a layer or soil and then alternate layers between your compostable material and soil. 2. Once your container is full, add water, your compost should be damp throughout but not sitting in water. 3. Leave your composting experiment outside in an area where sunlight hits and watch all the changes that occur to make compost. 4. Watch as it changes over time! 5. If the temperatures are hot and the compost pile stays moist, it will take about three months for a full decomposition. In imperfect conditions, it may take a year or longer.



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