Creative Projects at Home

Sowing seeds directly into the ground

1. Fork over soil without bending over and putting pressure on your back. 2. Rake the surface evenly, being careful not to put piles at the edges. 3. Tread the surface to remove pockets of air (gardeners shuffle). 4. Rake again to make it even. 5. Sow seeds in straight rows for vegetables. This means you can give the seeds enough space to grow. How far apart the seeds are planted depends on what you are growing but instructions are usually on the packet. If not think about what size you expect the veg to be when fully grown and leave that space between the seeds. So you would leave a bigger space between cabbage than peas. Also be careful with carrots because thinning them often attracts the carrot root fly. Much better to sow them thinly to start with. 6. Rake over gently to cover seeds and protect from birds. • Don’t plant the seeds too deep they should be just under the surface. Every seed should be planted to twice it’s size. • Look at the back of the packet to see how hardy the seeds will be. • If they are ‘half hardy’ or ‘tender’ you will need to either start them off in doors.


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