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Sowing Seeds at Home

• Smaller seeds like lettuce (and many of the flower seeds like cosmos) would just be sown directly in to a seed tray, as shown in the picture. • Once the majority of the seedlings have germinated remove the lid and be sure to water whenever the soil looks dry or if there are signs of seedlings wilting. • As the seedlings get bigger you can separate them and give them each their own compostable pot or sow them directly in to the ground if they are hardy or if the chance of frost has passed.

• Harden them off for a few days before planting outside (this means place the seed tray out during the day and take in at night for 3 days to get them acclimatised). • If the seed packet says hardy you can sow them out as soon as they are big and sturdy. Pick a warm day. • If the packet says half hardy or tender do not plant them out till all chance of frost has passed. This is usually at least mid May in Ireland.

Two things to look out for are that you don’t plant the seeds too deep. All seeds should be planted to twice their size in depth so that is very near the surface. Also don’t overwater the seeds as this will cause them to rot. Don’t water again till you remove the lid. Only water when soil is dry or seedlings look like they are wilting. An exception, you can sow lettuce seeds directly into a tray with a lid but store them outside. They get to leggy and weak if kept in the heat inside. I tie the lid so it does not blow away as you can see below. Remove the lid once they germinate.



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