Creative Projects at Home

Draw a Habitat Map of your Garden

Explore what habitats live in your garden at home by drawing a habitat map. A habitat map shows the geographic distribution of habitats in an area such as your garden

To create your habitat map you will need: • A notebook/paper •

Coloring pencils/pens A camera (optional)

1. Design a key (a list of symbols or colours that represent different species or habitats in your garden e.g. stars might represent flowers, blue might represent a water body, green lines might represent trees etc.). 2. To begin draw the boundary of your garden in your notebook. 3. Take note of the weather, the date and the time you are making your map. 4. Start by mapping features in your garden such as paths, trampolines, table and chairs or a shed. 5. Then go around your garden and look at the different habitats, these could be grass patches, wildflowers, a herb garden, flower patches or more. 6. Draw the different habitats you find on your map and mark any which you think are important to monitor or for conservation. 7. If you can, try identifying some of the species in your garden. 8. Once you are finished drawing your habitat, colour them in on your map. 9. Draw your habitat map again when seasons change to see the changes your garden goes through.

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