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Recycled Bird Feeders

Plastic Bottle: To create a bird feeder out of plastic bottle, clean the bottle and puncture two holes in the bottle. Thread 2 pencils through these holes so create an X shape and an area for the bird to sit. Puncture additional holes above the pencils where the birds can access the feed. Toilet Rolls: This is an easy to make bird feeder especially for children. Seeds or bird feed can be stuck to toilet rolls using room temp butter. These can then be placed outdoors. Net from vegetable packaging : It can often be difficult to repurpose the plastic net packaging that is sometimes unavoidable on oranges or onions. This packaging makes a great holder for seed balls. To create simply melt better and kneed it with bird feed or seeds and refrigerate. When solid, place it in the netting and hang.

There are a variety of materials you can repurpose to create a bird feeder at some. To list some, you can use; plastic bottles, oranges, tetra Pack, plastic nets from vegetable packaging or toilet rolls.

Oranges: A great way to reduce food waste is to repurpose orange skins as a bird feeder. You should use a large orange for this. Cut the orange in half and remove the flesh of the orange (ensuring it will be used later). Puncture 2 holes in the segment of orange skin and thread string through it to hang. Fill the orange skin with bird feed and hang. carton) to create a feeder. Simply cut a large whole at the front of the tetra pack and fill with bird feed. You can thread string through the carton if you wish to hang it. Tetra Pack: You can use any clean tetra pack (juice or milk

Did you know, bread shouldn’t be offered to birds in large quantities. It doesn’t contain the necessary protein and fat birds need. A bird that is on a diet of predominantly, or only bread, can suffer from serious vitamin deficiencies, or even starve.



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