Creative Projects at Home

Hedgehog House

Create a home for the Hedgehogs in your garden

To make a hedgehog house you will need the following:

A cardboard box

• • • • •

Dry leaves


Sticks and branches

Shredded paper or straw (if available)

Pencils- To decorate

1. To begin you will need to find a suitable location for your hedgehog house. It should be a quiet area with no sunlight and sheltered from wind. 2. Using the knife or scissors cut open a small entryway and add some air vents. 3. Decorate you hedgehog house with some colouring pencils. 4. Once decorated you will need to make the bed, put inside a layer of leaves and some shredded paper or straw (if available). 5. Hedgehogs like small leaves such as oak, hawthorn or birch. 6. Once the bed is made, leave dead leaves, branches and twigs on top of the roof of the hedgehog house to protect it. 7. You can also add a small bit of soil on top to ensure its extra sturdy.

A simple pile of logs or wood can make a great hedgehog nest. A garden with a log pile in an overgrown and untouched corner for shelter, a compost heap for food and a leaf pile for bedding, will be a 5 star garden for hedgehogs!


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