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How do Seeds Travel?

Have you ever wondered how seeds travel?

Sticking Have you ever come home from a walk in the park and noticed some seeds stuck to your shoes or jumper? These are sticking seeds! Some seeds are sticky and stick to different surfaces so that they can travel. These seeds will eventually fall and grow in a new location.

Seeds travel around in

different ways. These include: 1. Water 2. Wind 3. Sticking 4. Deposited

Water Some plants that live near or in water produce seeds that are light and can float. An example of a seed that can float is a coconut. A coconut seed is picked up by the sea and floats until it is transported to a new beach. It will then grow into a coconut palm tree on the new beach!

Deposited Some seeds require some help from animals to help them travel. Often animals such as small birds, e.g. robins, eats the seeds. These seeds are then later deposited (as bird poop) to help them start growing.

Wind Some seeds have wings or parachutes. These are part of this seed to slow down their fall as they fall from the mother plant. Often the seeds are carried away by the wind. An example of this type of seed is a dandelion or a helicopter seed. If you find any helicopter seeds, why not try racing them to see which one travels furthest?



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