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While completing the final touches to the room, we had another nice bonding moment by assembling her new daybed. Moments like this would have never happened if it wasn’t for the time the quarantine afforded us. Some of our favorite moments are reading with the kids for fun, not just because we have to before bed. It’s just another great way for all of us to spend time together — talking about storylines, characters, and more. My kids go to a Spanish immersion program, so a lot of the books are in Spanish and helpful for their bilingual education. Currently, we’re reading “Before We Were Free” by Julia Alvarez, a beautiful book about a 12-year-old girl struggling to find true freedom while living in a Dominican Republic dictatorship. We’re also reading the “Star Wars” books because, well, that’s just a ton of fun. Although there are many unfortunate effects due to the pandemic, the quarantine has allowed me to really hone my skills as a father. I’m much more involved with every aspect of their lives. As much as I still get out to work and interact with my colleagues, my kids don’t get that daily interaction with their friends all the time. My wife and I have become very sensitive to that. We try to fill the need for spontaneity and fun with our kids, and that’s been a lot of fun for us too. Whatever the silver lining is for you, I hope you’re able to embrace it with a safe and healthy June. As for me, spending this precious time with my family has allowed me to reflect back on my own childhood. This has allowed me to better relate to my kid’s needs and more deeply connect with them. Have a happy Father’s Day, stay in motion, and we’ll see you next month.

Wars” — from the originals, prequels, and onward — has been a real treat for me. As of this writing, we just started watching “The Mandalorian,” and that’s been something I look forward to. As a parent, the initial transition was tough. We’ve always been an athletic family, so it’s only natural for us to encourage our kids to move. Even if they don’t have physical education at school, we still want them to be active daily. Unfortunately, most kids won’t enjoy the outdoors for the sake of the outdoors, so we have to be creative. If they play kickball or get outside for a little while and exercise, I’ll usually offer to pick up ice cream or drive by a friend’s house, just to wave to their friends from outside and see their faces. We’re doing a lot of stuff we’ve never done before. We take long bike rides to say a quick hello to a friend or just to get out. This also takes me back to my childhood when taking a bike ride was done just for fun. Our little one struggles to keep up with us, much like I would struggle as a kid biking up those hills. She is much stronger lately and now makes it a point to stay ahead of Mommy. My older one had a birthday recently and requested that her big present be a teenager room makeover. I spent two days showing her the finer points of painting her room from a pretty pink to a modern shade of gray.

In the early moments of the pandemic, it might’ve been hard to imagine how our daily choices — like going to sporting events or washing our hands — could make an impact on thousands of lives within our community. It’s not easy, but I realize there are things I look forward to every day despite the national tragedy. Father’s Day is coming up, and although it’s not quite the same as every other year, as a father, it might be the best one yet. Like millions of others, the Lona household has been spending more time together than ever. Our weekends used to feel like the most chaotic part of our week; all our children are active in sports, and we’d have to drive them to their various games and practices. But lately, we haven’t had that obligation. We’ve had to find other ways to fill the time while keeping our kids healthy and physically active. These days, we’ve spent more time playing silly board games, video games, and watching movies like “Star Wars.” I watched the original movies when they came out and was a huge fan! However, when they started making the prequels in the 90s, I was just starting my PT career. As the owner of M3 PT today, I’m very proud of those years, but I just never got back around to watching the rest of the “Star Wars” movies. Now, I relive my childhood through my children’s eyes. Seeing their first-time reactions to “Star

–Dr. Raul Lona

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