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It’s a New Year for Your Finances! 3 STEPS TO TAKE FOR YOUR FINANCIAL HEALTH IN 2020

safe. Also, do not use the same password for all of your financial accounts — in fact, don’t use the same password for anything!” STEP 2: DO AN INVESTMENT PORTFOLIO HEALTH CHECK “Yes, a recession is going to happen, but no one knows when or how extreme it will be. Is the level of anxiety you’re feeling about the next recession valid? To figure this out, you need to review your investment portfolio. Look at the weightings of positions in your accounts to make sure you aren’t too exposed in investments that are heavily impacted by the economic cycle. If you aren’t sure, meet with your investment advisor! If you don’t have an advisor or would like a second opinion, I’d be happy to review your portfolio with you and make sure it aligns with your financial plans. A

Now that January is here, people across the country are resolving to hit the gym and eat more vegetables. But as great as those health-focused resolutions are, another area of your life could use extra attention: your finances. Financial health is as important as physical health, particularly if you’re approaching retirement. In that spirit, we reached out to Naples Financial Solutions CEO John Freund to ask about the three steps he’d recommend taking to start 2020 off right. Here’s his rundown: STEP 1: UPDATE YOUR PASSWORDS “Ringing in the new year is often about making changes, and one of the best things you can do is change your passwords! Make a resolution to swap them on a regular basis, and store your reminders somewhere

diversified portfolio may not make as much money, but you’ll sleep easier when the recession hits and you won’t be driving yourself crazy with worry until then.” STEP 3: SET CONCRETE GOALS “To set yourself up for success, make a list of five financial goals you have for 2020. These goals should be realistic and achievable (a return of investment of 75% in your investment portfolio, for example, is not a realistic goal while creating a trust is). Once your goals are locked in, write down how you plan to accomplish them. This will help you follow through!” For help with a financial checkup or additional expert advice, call John today at 239-564-5805 or email

CTRL, ALT, DELETE YOUR CLUTTER Tips for National Clean Up Your Computer Month

Everyone relies on technology. Computers, laptops, tablets, and phones are staples of modern life. However, it’s easy for these devices to become cluttered with old photos, files, and general disorganization. Luckily, January is National Clean Up Your Computer Month and an excellent time to get your technology in order.

ORGANIZATION Naming and arranging the files on your computer in such a way that they’re easy for you to find can end up saving you a lot of time. Declutter your workspace by creating one file for pictures, one for word documents, one for spreadsheets, and one for programs to eliminate the hassle of frantically searching for the files you need. BACK UP YOUR COMPUTER Be sure to back up your computer before you start deleting things. This acts as a safety net in case you delete something you didn’t mean to. Additionally, consider installing a second hard drive. The extra space can help with storing important files without having to worry about how much room is left. CLEAN UP SPACE Any files you’ll never use again should be deleted. Likewise, any programs you haven’t used in a while should be uninstalled. Check your hard drive for files that might be taking up unintended space on your computer. And remember to empty the recycling bin — it’s easy to forget just how much goes in there.

START BY DUSTING Over time, computer towers can become

clogged with dust, which creates additional, unwanted heat within

your computer. Regular cleanings will increase the lifespan of your computer and protect its essential components. Compressed air is great for removing most of the dust and other particulates. If the fans or filters are too dirty, you can remove them from the tower to

clean them better. If you use water or liquid cleaning products on them, be sure they are completely dry before placing them back into your computer.


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