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As of writing this newsletter in early April, California has had a stay-at-home mandate for about three weeks. By the time you read this, we’ll likely still be under the same mandate. This is a difficult and emotional time for many, and North County is no exception. There were a lot of ups and downs when COVID-19 first started causing big changes. At first, we didn’t know if we were going to be allowed to stay in business or keep all of our employees. There were moments of “I can do this!” followed closely by moments of “I don’t know if I want to do this …” Now, three weeks later, I’m able to say, “We can do this together.” North County is very fortunate in that we’re considered an essential business and are allowed to remain open during this pandemic. With hospitals, urgent care, and doctors’ offices hit incredibly hard, physical therapy facilities are serving as much-needed alternatives for people who are in pain or going through recovery. We’ve continued seeing a handful of patients in person and have been taking every necessary precaution to create a safe environment for our patients and staff. But we’re very excited to announce that we can now serve an even wider range of patients in an even safer way: We’ve officially launched our telehealth service! Telehealth is still a fairly new concept to many, so I want to take this opportunity to explain what it is and how it can benefit you. Our patients are used to their therapists being right there in the room with them for hands- on experience, but during this pandemic, the less physical exposure to one another, the better. But we don’t want that to stop us from assisting you with the care you need. Our goal is to make sure your recovery isn’t put on pause, and telehealth is helping achieve that. TELEHEALTH IS HERE! GET THE CARE YOU NEED FROM THE SAFETY OF HOME

Our telehealth system gives clients live video access to our staff so they can assist you with your recovery at home in much the same way they would in person. It allows us to take a look at your at-home setup, make suggestions for the best ways to do your exercises, and then, just like normal, walk you through your exercises step-by-step so you’re still getting the care and attention you deserve. We’re excited to share telehealth with you because it keeps you safe at home while allowing you to keep up with your recovery plan. You don’t have to wait until you feel safe going out in public again to get the help you need, because we’re just one video call away. If you’re not sure about committing to a regimen via telehealth, we still encourage you to reach out to us. This new system opens up an exciting new world of opportunity for past, present, and prospective patients, even if they just want to ask us some questions. Communicating is so important during times of crisis, and telehealth makes it easy and safe to do. Telehealth and the other measures we’ve had to take during these changing times might seem overwhelming, but they’re an incredible chance to take leaps into new realms that are going to be useful for our patients down the road. In times of challenge, it’s inspiring to see how people are still finding ways to come together and help when needed. It’s important to us that we do the same for our patients, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you need us.

–Beth Scalone

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Many people think that to observe social distancing they have to stay inside, but that’s not true. People can leave their homes; they just have to be cautious when they do. In fact, getting outside to get some fresh air and stretch is good for your health. Dr. Roy Buchinsky, the director of wellness at University Hospitals Ahuja Medical Center, says that getting outside for a few minutes “increases serotonin and dopamine and makes you feel good.” During this time when anxiety is running high, taking a few minutes to step outside is incredibly beneficial for you and your family. Here are a few ways to get outside while practicing social distancing.

Head to a Park

If you live near a park that is spacious enough to allow social distancing, get outside and exercise. Taking a walk and riding your bike by yourself or with others in your immediate household are great options, but you should not travel in groups of more than 10. Also, keep in mind that many states have closed playgrounds in an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19. In addition to your local parks, the National State Park Service announced in mid-March that it is suspending all entrance fees until further notice. Park officials hope to make it easier for the public to enjoy the parks that remain open, which are large enough for people to explore while maintaining social distancing. However, many parks have closed in response to the pandemic. To check for closures and to get more information, head to Keep in mind that while you’re outside, it is absolutely essential to use caution and practice all of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s recommendations, which can be found at Be careful and stay safe.

Stay Home for Backyard Fun

TESTIMONIALS If you don’t have a backyard, take yourself or your pet for a walk around the block, just be sure to maintain the proper distance — 6 feet — from anyone who has the same idea. Your backyard is a great place to get outside without coming in close contact with other people. Put up the family tent for a staycation and enjoy a few camping activities, like roasting marshmallows for s’mores, telling stories, and watching the stars. For a fun daytime activity, plant a vegetable or flower garden. “I had been doing in-office physical therapy for a month before the self-isolation mandate was in place in our state. I made the decision that I would be more comfortable doing PT via telehealth to limit my exposure. The transition from in-office to online was seamless and only required me clicking a link and signing in. I look forward to being able to maintain my one-on- one therapy and continuing my progress using telehealth.” –Amanda

“As a huge fan of Pilates and equipment such as the amazing Reformer, I lowered my expectations for how effective a telehealth virtual Pilates session could be. I couldn’t imagine recreating the benefits of personal training on Pilates equipment at home, on the floor, or through an iPad. But Beth and

her team at NCWSPT are not only high-level professionals, but they are also so creative! Sometimes I just shake my head in wonderment: How in the world did you come up with that? I was thinking I might continue with the virtual therapy even after the crisis is over. But then, I’d miss the congenial staff and hands-on work too much. It’s been said to not waste a good crisis to learn something new. Well, I certainly learned that good therapy can be delivered by any number of means when you’re working with top-notch therapists!” –Susan F 2


Picture the distance between Oregon and Virginia on a U.S. map. Now, picture crossing that distance on a bicycle. Odds are you either can’t imagine it or you conjured up a monthslong slog, but in 2016, ultra- endurance cyclist Lael Wilcox crossed that distance in just 18 days and 10 minutes — the second-fastest time in the history of the Trans Am Bike Race. As hard as it is to believe, the 4,200 mile stretch from Astoria, Oregon, to Yorktown, Virginia, is actually a racecourse. Every June, roughly 50–100 cyclists undertake the journey, pedaling through a total of 10 states. It’s an insane obstacle course of cars, mountains, and weather events that riders go through alone, without required checkpoints or designated rest periods. When Wilcox won the Trans Am in 2016, she became the first woman and the first American ever to do so. According to NPR, the victory came down to a combination of endurance and luck. In the final days of the race, she was in second place behind Steffan Streich when exhaustion sent him pedaling out of Bumpass, Virginia, in the wrong direction. When the two met on the road at 3 a.m., a panicked Streich turned around and sprinted neck and neck with Wilcox toward the finish. After a few miles, she pulled ahead and won. In response to those who said a woman could never win the Trans Am, Wilcox told NPR, “If you beat ‘em, you beat ‘em. That’s what happens. And then everybody has to change the way they think.”

Perhaps the most impressive thing about Wilcox, even more than her 2016 win, is that she didn’t start cycling until she was 20 years old, when her boyfriend at the time gave her a bike. Since then, she’s competed all over the world, logging a total of 100,000 miles in 35 countries. When she’s isn’t racing, Wilcox encourages teenage girls to try cycling with scholarships and group events. In November 2019, she even starred in “I Just Want to Ride,” a 38-minute film following her quest to win the 2019 Tour Divide Race. To learn more about the film and what makes Wilcox tick, visit


Nothing is more comforting than a big bowl of cacio e pepe , which is Italian for cheese and pepper.

This dish combines a wholesome flavor profile with fresh, seasonal ingredients to satisfy any craving.



6 oz multigrain spaghetti

1. Heat oven to 425 F. 2. In a large pot, cook spaghetti until al dente. Reserve 1 cup of water before draining and put spaghetti in a covered pot to keep warm. 3. Line a 15x10-inch baking pan with foil and toss in asparagus and olive oil. 4. Cook asparagus for 5–7 minutes and sprinkle with lemon zest. 5. Add 3/4 cup of the reserved water, Parmesan cheese, and pepper to the spaghetti. Stir until creamy. 6. Toss in asparagus and arugula before serving.

8 oz fresh asparagus, cut into 1-inch pieces

1 tbsp olive oil

1 tsp lemon zest

1/2 cup Parmesan cheese, grated

1/2 tsp black pepper

1 cup baby arugula

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Inspired by Eating Well


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We’ve Officially Launched Our Telehealth Service! You’re Not on House Arrest




Meet the Woman Who Biked 4,200 Miles in 18 Days

Springtime Cacio e Pepe


Feel-Good Stories in Our Community

To stay safe during the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, we need to keep up with new information and stay informed. But when so much of this news causes distress and fear, it’s important to also seek out stories that are uplifting and inspirational. So take a break from stressful statistics with these two wonderful stories that took place in our own community. TAKE A BREAK LOCAL FEEL-GOOD STORIES

Meals for Health Heroes

With schools closed, kids have a lot of time on their hands. One group of teenagers has decided to make the most of it by helping those in need. The Youth Care Club is supporting local health care workers and small businesses by using donations to order meals from local restaurants that are struggling, then donating those meals to health care workers who are facing long hours and don’t have time to prepare meals for themselves. The teens call their mission Meals for Health Heroes, and they’ve already raised nearly $10,000, which means they’ve donated thousands of meals to health care staff at UCSD Health La Jolla and Scripps Mercy Chula Vista.

turntables on the balcony of his private residence and let the beats bounce out to the surrounding high-rises and streets below. Citizens enjoyed an evening of music and dancing from the safety of their own balconies, taking part in a communal impromptu block party. They sang along to songs, danced like no one was watching, and lit up their own balconies to contribute to the festive atmosphere. Videos of the event have been shared across social media, inspiring DJs and musicians in other cities to create the same joy for their own communities. People have a tendency to show the best sides of themselves during times of chaos, and the current situation is no exception. So be sure to seek out good news just as much as you seek out informative news, and find your own way to give back or be an inspiration for others.


San Diego’s downtown nightlife was shuttered in early April due to stay- at-home orders, but a local DJ didn’t want people missing out on the joy that a night of music and dancing can bring. DJ IAMNOEL set up his 4

Due to COVID-19 and stay-at-home orders, this month we’re interrupting our series “Match Point Staying in the Game” to instead share ways you can stay active while staying home!

FOR THE “BINGE-WATCHER” • Sit-to-stands after every episode, 15 repetitions • Seated knee extensions/hamstring stretches • Calf stretches on couch • Standing trunk side bends • Seated trunk flexions/extensions during commercials • Crunches to reach for your remote control FOR “ZOOM NECK” • Active range-of-motion neck stretches at your desk • Doorway pectoral stretches when entering rooms in the house • Side-stepping in the hallway • Walks around the house between meetings • Trunk twists while seated or standing

STRENGTH AND ENDURANCE • Bicep/tricep curls with a wine bottle • Planks before meals • Calf raises while doing dishes • Countertop pushups • Glute bridges with legs on chair • Squats holding your child • Stair climbers

PRACTICING BALANCE • Single-leg balances playing trash can basketball • Single-leg balances while brushing teeth • Single-leg balances with cup pickup

If being quarantined and having your routine interrupted is affecting your health, well-being, or sanity, let us guide you through it with TELEHEALTH!

In California, you don’t need a prescription from your doctor to work with a physical therapist, so contact us today to set up your telehealth video visit! We’ll work with you using live video directly from our office to your home. There’s no reason to not keep up with your recovery routine! Give us a call at ( 858) 675-1133 if you’re having new, old, or nagging aches and pains that are affecting time with your family or your exercise routine. We’re here for you, so you have options besides visiting a doctor’s office or self-medicating. Our patients love our new telehealth service, but our office is still open if you prefer to see us in person.

Single-leg balance with toothbrush

Seated knee extension 1

Seated knee extension 2

Calf raises with dishes

Doorway pectoral stretch unilateral

Single-leg balance with trash can toss

Bicep curls

Calf stretch

Glute bridge 2

Pushup 1

Pushup 2

Glute bridge 1

Side-step 1

Side-step 2

Single-leg balance 1

Single-leg balance 2

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