CREA Crisis Fact Sheet


Nothing is Off the Record Remember: Nothing is “off the record” — anything you say may impact the situation. Never Say “No Comment” Instead, tell reporters “The situation is still being reviewed, and we will have a statement as soon as we have all the facts. Take Action Immediately contact the appropriate person, CEO Jeffrey Whiting, followed by CREA’s communications person Stefanie Brown. Respond Quickly Respond quickly to define and control public perception of how we are helping the crisis, or the media will do it for us. Show Care Show care, concern, and compassion for all involved QUICK TIPS FOR IMMEDIATE RESPONSE You may be asked questions by media that you do not immediately know the answer to. Never speculate. You should acknowledge concerns, but you should not comment until a statement has been approved and a spokesperson(s) has been assigned. DO NOT place blame for the incident. DO NOT fail to alert the right people immediately. DO NOT deny or refuse to admit there is a situation. DO NOT refuse to discuss the crisis with those involved. DO NOT  allow your position to get in the way of seeing the situation and its gravity. DO NOT  fall into analysis paralysis—inaction as the result of over-analyzing the situation. DO NOT take uneccesary steps. This may create the misperception that you’re trying to cover something up. DO NOT question the reporter’s intelligence. WHAT NOT TO DO DO NOT panic, comment, or speculate.


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