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THE POWER OF WORDS 5Ways to Amp Up Your Content


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Happy Thanksgiving and happy November!

I hope it will be a wonderful holiday season this year. Thanksgiving is my favorite time of the year, and I always look forward to spending it withmy family and friends in PalmDesert. This year is no exception. It’s also the perfect time of the year to share my gratitude. I am thankful for all of the wonderful people who have crossedmy path and touchedmy life in one way or another, and as always, I amgrateful for my health and the ability to serve all of you. To each of you, I simply say thank you for your trust in the Soto LawGroup; it is greatly appreciated. I knowmany of you have procrastinated about planning for the future either because you don’t want to deal with estate planning or because you are too busy! I amhere to say that we will make a difficult topic easy for your family and friends so that nomatter what your age, you can have peace of mind knowing you have checked this difficult topic off your list.

If you’re reading this newsletter, then odds are you understand the powerful pull of good content. Words have the ability to conjure goals, hopes, dreams, and ideas, and they’re an integral part of building your brand. If you don’t communicate with potential clients, how can you expect them to trust you? You can build that trust by crafting quality content on your website and in your advertising. Once you start looking, you’ll probably be surprised by just how many words your company puts into the world each month. We could spend all day going over tips of the trade, but, whether you’re just getting started or giving your brand image an overhaul for the holidays, these are the high points you don’t want to miss. 1. CHOOSE A VOICE When it comes to content, consistency is key. Few things are worse than scatterbrained messaging: If your company’s tone is upbeat and slang-happy one moment and serious and pedantic the next, your customers will develop whiplash, and, worse, they won’t have a good understanding of who you are. Your best strategy for building a bond with potential clients is to pick a coherent company identity and stick to it.

Then, you can enjoy the holiday season knowing you have protected yourself and your loved ones.

Many Blessings,

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4. GO MULTIPLATFORM If you’re producing quality copy, then why not blast it on all frequencies? Facebook and Twitter posts require a different touch than long-form blog posts, but having a social media presence can be a real asset to your brand. In 2014, HubSpot found 80% of companies saw increased traffic to their websites thanks to social media marketing efforts. Don’t miss this opportunity to get your brand in front of more people. 5. HIRE AN EDITOR If you plan to have a blog on your website, send out print marketing materials to customers, or post regularly on social media, then you can’t afford to skip this step. Even if you contract an editor for just a few hours each week, it’s crucial to get professional eyes on your content; it can make or break your brand’s reputation. According to Business NH Magazine, one study showed that businesses with spelling and grammar errors on their websites lost twice as many potential customers as those with clean copy.

2. SPEAK TO YOUR DEMOGRAPHIC Picture your typical customer: Are they male or female? Blue-collar or white- collar? Tech-savvy or old-school? Once you have their traits nailed down, gear your copy specifically to them. If you write with your potential customers in mind and consider things like jargon, tone, and message, then they’ll better identify with your brand and be more likely to do business.

3. GET PERSONAL If you can remind your customers that your company is made up of people just like them, then you have a better chance of earning their business. Showing your audience a real person in your copy is a great way to build authenticity and trust. Try personalizing your blog posts with your own signature, letting employees write their own profiles, and including information about employees’ lives outside the office.

ENGAGE YOUR KIDS ON THANKSGIVING With These Gratitude-Themed Games

their gratitude. Plus, who doesn’t love a good art contest?

Thanksgiving is an excellent time to teach children about gratefulness. By planning some fun, gratitude-themed games, you can impart a valuable lesson and spend some quality family time together. Get your kids in the holiday spirit by adding a Thanksgiving twist to these classic games. Want to bring out your kids’ creative sides? Pictionary is the perfect way to encourage artistic expression and grateful thinking. Try adding a rule where players have to draw something they’re grateful for. This will get your kids thinking beyond turkey and stuffing and give them an imaginative way to express PICTIONARY


Like regular pick-up sticks, the goal is to remove a stick from a haphazard pile without disturbing the others. However, by using colored sticks that represent different kinds of thankfulness — such as places, people, or food — you can make players think outside the box. This will ensure you get a wide range of creative, thoughtful answers whenever the kids pick up a stick. These modified games are great for helping your kids realize how much they have to be thankful for. Use these to spend some fun, educational, quality time with your family this Thanksgiving.


To play gratitude-themed Guess Who?, have each participant write down their name and something they’re thankful for on a slip of paper and put it in a bowl. Then, at the dinner table, have each person draw a random slip and read what it says without saying the name while everyone else tries to guess who wrote it. While Pictionary may get your kids talking about what they are thankful for, Guess Who? will tune them into what others around them are thankful for too.

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NOT YOUR ORDINARY TURKEY SHOOT The Crazy Case of Jacobs v. Kent

Kent had failed to follow this rule when he shot Jacobs. They also could not determine whether the doctrine of primary assumption of risk, which Kent pointed to in his defense, was even applicable. The court also called into question whether Jacobs had also been negligent. Ultimately, the case didn’t move forward.

It began like any other hunting excursion. Neil Jacobs was walking softly through the bushes, looking for a spot to hunker down and watch for a flock of turkeys. The only problem was that someone beat him to that neck of the woods. James Kent had established a hunting spot for himself, and, when he heard rustling and gobbling in some nearby bushes and saw a flash of red, he took aim and fired. Unfortunately, the movement in the bushes was not a turkey. Kent was horrified to find that he had shot Jacobs. Jacobs promptly moved for a partial summary judgment against Kent on the basis that he had failed to determine that Jacobs was not a turkey but, in fact, a human being. Kent cross-moved for summary judgment, saying Jacobs should have expected risks when he stepped into a popular hunting environment. When their case came before the Supreme Court of the 4th District of New York, the courts denied both the motion and the cross-motion. They agreed that Jacobs had assumed the inherent risks of hunting — just not the risks it would be unreasonable to assume, like getting shot by another hunter who thought you were a turkey. Beyond that, the courts did not pronounce judgment because they did not have enough verifiable facts.

Maybe next time, they should just try getting a turkey from the supermarket.

Jacobs asserted that turkey hunters should not shoot unless they can see the turkey and verify its gender. The court could not determine whether

Take a Break!

Inspired by

If the leftovers are your favorite part of Thanksgiving, then this recipe is for you! Show your dog how thankful you are for them with these post-feast dog treats. Leftover Thanksgiving Dog Treats


2 cups cooked turkey, finely chopped

1/2 cup cooked sweet potatoes, plain and mashed

2 cups whole wheat flour

3/4 cup water

1 egg

Directions 1. Heat oven to 350 F.

2. In a medium bowl, combine sweet potatoes, water, and egg. Add turkey and flour and stir again until dough is thick and sticky. 3. Use a rubber spreader to spread dough evenly on parchment-lined baking sheet, about 1/2-inch thick. Cut dough into small rectangles using a knife or pizza cutter. 4. Bake for 30 minutes, until the dog treats are lightly golden brown. 5. Remove from oven and let treats cool completely. Break treats apart along score lines. 6. Serve fresh or store in refrigerator for up to two weeks.

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Tea Time: What’s Swirling Around in Your Cup?

in the elderly with regular tea consumption. The results speak for themselves: “The longitudinal study involving 957 Chinese seniors aged 55 years or older has found that regular consumption of tea lowers the risk of cognitive decline in the elderly by 50%, while APOE e4 gene carriers who are genetically at risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease may experience a reduction in cognitive impairment risk by as much as 86%.” YOUR MOOD Tea leaves contain the amino acid L-theanine, which stimulates several feel-good neurotransmitters, like serotonin and gamma-Aminobutyric acid (GABA). These neurotransmitters help boost your mood and alertness. According to a study by the Huazhong University of Science and Technology in China, tea even has the ability to ward off depression. The study took 22,817 participants with 4,743 cases of depression over 11 studies, and 13 reports found that individuals who drank three cups of tea a day decreased their depression risk by 37%. So, the next time you want a warm beverage that will do your mind and body good, reach for some tea and bask in all the health benefits as you sip.

Tea has been consumed for thousands of years and is the second-most popular drink in the world, with water being the first. It is the national drink of several nations, including China and India, and is an integral component of religious ceremonies the world over. Drinking tea has been known to reduce stress, promote relaxation, and improve sleep. In addition to these instant benefits, tea can also help improve a person’s long-term health through regular consumption. YOUR HEART According to Harvard Health Institute, several studies show that those who regularly drink black and green tea are at a lower risk of developing cardiovascular disease. These types of tea contain antioxidants and flavonoids, which are plant chemicals that help dilate arteries and reduce bad cholesterol. Studies also link tea consumption with improved vascular reactivity — how well your blood vessels respond to stress. YOUR BRAIN Flavonoids don’t only fight heart disease; these chemicals can also reduce any vascular damage to the brain. The National University of Singapore has conducted studies that link reduced risks of dementia

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