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One of the biggest attractions at the ECOC expo every year is inevitably the Market Focus. Now in its fifteenth successful year, the ECOC Market Focus has grown to become one of the focal points of the show and a popular platform to gain industry knowledge and insight into the latest technologies available. Sponsored by Marvell, Market Focus showcases the very latest news and developments from leading organisations within the fibre optics community. A full list of Market Focus presentations and scheduled times is available on the exhibition website.

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SELECTED MARKET FOCUS HIGHLIGHTS Adoption Of Silicon Photonics Accelerated in 2018-2020 Lightcounting: Vladimir Kozlov, Founder And CEO It is clear by now that Silicon Photonics (SiP) is making a very significant impact on the market. Sales of SiP-based products started to ramp in 2014, accelerated in 2018 and reached almost $2 billion in 2020, accounting for 25% of the total market for optical transceivers. Integrated Silicon Photonics for High- Bandwidth Data Centre Connectivity Intel: Scott Schube, Sr. Director Of Strategic Marketing This presentation will review the recent trends for pluggable transceivers from 100G to 1.6T and discuss how continued bandwidth scaling is driving the need for a much tighter integration of optics and electronics. Advancing Integrated Photonics with Electro-Optic Polymer Modulators Lightwave Logic: Michael Lebby, CEO The talk will discuss the latest results on stable and reliable EO polymers for integrated photonics platforms that have demonstrated electro-optical and electrical 3dB bandwidths that are in excess of 100GHz. These highspeed, low-power solutions provide a vehicle for next generation PIC (photonic integrated circuit) designs. It will also review the latest work in photonics roadmaps on both the integrated photonics (PIC) level as well as PIC packaging level.

Optical I/O for Chip-To-Chip Communications

The Road to 800G and Beyond Arista: Andreas Bechtolsheim

Ayar Labs UK Ltd: Hugo Saleh, Vp Of Marketing And Business Development; Managing Director In this talk, Hugo Saleh will present advancements in building a new generation of chiplet and multi- wavelength laser solutions that deliver up to 1000x bandwidth density at 1/10th the power of standard electrical I/O. Additionally, he will share the impact of chip-to-chip connectivity on next- generation computing systems for AI/HPC, telecommunications and intelligent edge.

With the ever-increasing demand for more bandwidth in cloud data centres, the three most important attributes for data centre optics are cost, power, and compatibility. This presentation will discuss how the transition to 800G and 1600G data centre optics will enable cloud networks to evolve in the most cost effective, power efficient and compatible fashion. Post Moore Data Centre Networks for 800GBE/1.6TBE Marvell: Radha Nagarajan, Svp & Cto, Optical and Copper Connectivity Business Group Marvell will discuss the advanced building blocks for DSP, Silicon Photonics, TIA and drivers to enable the 800GbE/1.6TbE for inter and intra data centre applications. In addition, it will also discuss the modulation format and system trade-offs that are needed to enable these data rates with the available technology. Deployment Of 400ZR and the Ongoing OIF Work to Define 800ZR/LR OIF: TBC 400ZR coherent deployment is underway and showing a strong ecosystem already exists for this new interoperable standard developed by the OIF. In this presentation an OIF expert will give an overview of 400ZR and discuss its deployment status, including ongoing maintenance. The presentation will then give an overview of current 800ZR and 800LR technical work to create the next core network architecture components and looking to bring coherent networking into the datacentre.

Optics in Cloud Computing -> 100G/400/800 GBE Optics

Sicoya Gmbh: Dr Sven Otte, Ceo, Founder In this presentation Sven Otte will review the individual options and assess them in terms of performance, cost of ownership and maturity of the ecosystem. He will highlight how Silicon Photonics is going to play an important role in all those solutions and provide an update of the most recent technology developments in this field. The Evolution and Challenges To 800G Optics and Beyond Source Photonics: Frank Chang Source Photonics will review the evolving state of proliferate 400G technologies for data centre applications and the deployment requirements such technologies should meet. It will look into next gen 800G and beyond technologies available for even up to 80km. It will also review how to apply 200G per lambda technologies for emerging 800G and/or 1.6Tbps applications such like 2xFR4 and LR8.


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