Building an Entrepreneurial UWI

SPECIAL REPORT Building an Entrepreneurial University

T his entrepreneurial webinar series turned the spotlight on The UWI’s transition to an entrepreneurial university. e School of Graduate Studies and Research hosted regional and international experts to share best practice to a mixed audience—the University community, regional industry, and anyone with an interest in the area. Topics were chosen to stimulate discussion and an ‘entrepreneurial university’ mind-set. The recorded webinars are available for viewing at entrepreneurship/webinars

Lessons on Building an Entrepreneurial Culture The Entrepreneurial UWI Webinar Series

Towards an Entrepreneurial UWI: Lessons learned fromThe UWI Cardiac Surgery Simulator PROFESSOR DANIEL COORE Professor of Computer Science, Department of Computing, The University of the West Indies, Mona Campus

“To achieve an entrepreneurial UWI, the most important sub-goal is to establish a highly effective technology transfer capacity. What that would do is encourage more disclosures, stimulate applied research as researchers would see the successes of work that was properly licensed which would encourage them to try it for themselves. It would then allow inventors and creators to recognise that it is possible to be both entrepreneurial in their research and not exactly be entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs need to convince investors that value is going to persist and that they can handle that bigger scale and that often requires convincing investors that the product being sold or service being rendered is protected from larger enterprise that can somehow ramp up an operation faster than the start-up brand and this is exactly what IP tends to provide.”

Licensing the patent for The UWI Cardiac Surgery Simulator

Professor of Computer Science Daniel Coore at the Department of Computer Science at the Mona Campus shared his experience in licensing the patent for The UWI Cardiac Surgery Simulator. This device uses software to animate a pig’s heart in a mock (human) chest cavity to simulate the conditions of the operating theatre during open heart surgery, for the purposes of training in cardiac surgery.


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