Building an Entrepreneurial UWI

Building an Entrepreneurial University: International Lessons Learned and Future Possibilities for The UWI PROFESSOR DAVID WHEELER Co-founder of the Academy for Sustainable Innovation, Canada

“We must also reform our curricula and we must play to the jobs and industries of the future and the inter-disciplinary skills that they would require, there is no longer a case for staying within our disciplinary silos; if there ever was, the jobs and work of the future will require deepening of skills, design skills, soft skills in management, understanding of science and technology . That is how we will navigate these transitions and we have to make sure we are teaching our students those skills in an inter-disciplinary way. We also have to change our delivery models which have to take into account the exponential growth in technologically enhanced learning, online learning, micro credentialing, badging, the implications of cognitive science and recent pedagogical research that tells us how millennials and generation Z learn.”

Designing an Entrepreneurial University PROFESSOR EMERITUS THOMAS “ROCK” MACKIE Medical Entrepreneurial Coach, Investor & Chief Innovation Officer at University of Wisconsin-Madison Health

“What should the ideal University Incubator look like? It should have a location where faculty, staff and students can gain education and experience in entrepreneurship. It should be led by someone with start-up company and/ or investor experience. It should select projects with a community investment board, so you need to involve your community and local investors. Apply a small amount of cash for technology de-risking, in other words, small experiments to show that the projects can be used and scaled up. Have project managers with industry experience to guide projects and tech project management. Take advantage of community mentors for company development. Let projects incubate until most of the technical risk are eliminated. Help the project find business managers and assist with incorporating and funding financing.” AUWI Innovation and Entrepreneurship Ecosystem for Revitalising Caribbean Economies PROFESSOR BRIAN COPELAND Pro Vice-Chancellor and Campus Principal, The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine Campus “What would success look like? At a country level we would have worked to create an environment that has effective government systems, much more effective than they are now and have a much more mature social culture where manmade disasters are a near impossibility— crime, social exclusion, income gap, all these issues would have been well under control. We would be looking at a society that has effective formal, informal and non-formal education systems, and those speak to education outside of the halls of the high schools, universities, and to other learning institutions, at home, NGOs and civil society who can build a citizen. We are talking about citizens who have the capability to build the strong economies buoyed by a robust Caribbean Mittelstand—that is a robust healthy network of innovation driven by competitiveness.”


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