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I went to a coffee shop yesterday. The woman I was going to meet was about 25 minutes late. Normally, I would be hot under the collar, aggravated and pacing. But instead of that, I decided to get a

and to watch. I feel sorry for our younger generations because with the new iPhones/ Smart Phones and all that, the art of just staring off in thought, or walking along a path has been lost. There is no more quiet thinking—or heck, even reading—anymore. If it’s over 160 characters (or whatever it is on Twitter) forget it. I don’t really tweet, the business does... but the big secret is: it’s not really me. Anyway, the point of all of this is to sit back and take the long way. I’m learning life is only as harried as you make it. Read the book, smell the flower, stop texting and talk to someone. So far it is improving my life. I feel happier and more connected, for real... not through Wi-Fi.


coffee, a 440-calorie loaf (something I would NEVER eat) and just sit. I didn’t even play with my phone. I just sat and looked around and flipped through a magazine. With a business, two kids, a home and a husband it’s like I never get to do this stuff, and it was REALLY nice. Our lives are so fast. I am trying desperately to have more time to waste, to sit, to ponder

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