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THE ART OF PICKING A NICHE Why I Built LASIK Marketing Agency Exclusively for Ophthalmologists


If you met me on the street, you’d have to ask: Why does someone who spends his life marketing LASIK surgery for ophthalmologists wear glasses? As crazy as it sounds, I only wear glasses these days because of my work with ophthalmologists. I had 20/20 vision as a kid, but about eight years ago, a corneal mapping of my eye revealed I had keratoconus, and the resulting corneal cross- linking procedure left me needing a prescription. I appreciate this irony in the mirror every day. I straighten my glasses, then head into work determined to help ophthalmologists like you increasing your LASIK volume, so the rest of the world can leave its frames behind. Vision problems aside, working with LASIK runs in the family. I credit my older brother Joe — aka Dr. Joseph King — for introducing me to the industry when he first started his own practice, King LASIK, in 2002. I had just graduated from the University of Victoria with my bachelor’s degree in commerce and was ready for a bit of job stability after years of living and working abroad. During my time in Joe’s office, I fell in love with LASIK. By the end of my 12 years there, I became the vice president of marketing, and we had grown his practice from a one-man operation to nine thriving locations. When it comes to running an ophthalmology business, you name it, and I’ve done it. I’ve put together IKEA tables, answered thousands of phone calls, managed the company call center, and even worked alongside my brother as a certified technician in the operating room. But five years ago, marketing became my main focus. Having worked for years inside a LASIK clinic, I was able to experience firsthand the daily challenges it takes to successfully market a elective medical procedure. And not just market, but to constantly evolve and improve over time as technology and the way we communicate to our patients change. I’ve always been eager to learn, so I dove into earning certifications and learning how to implement the best tools on the market. Soon,

King LASIK was fully optimized: Our lead response time was down; our referral revenue was up; our costs had dropped; and every other box was checked, too. Combining my years of working inside a clinic as well as marketing it, I’d become as versatile as a Swiss Army knife. This inspired me to expand my reach and see how I can help benefit other practices. In 2017, I took the leap and started my own marketing company. My brother was so confident in my abilities that we continued to work together as he became my first client. At first, I thought I wanted to branch out from LASIK, but when I took on a client in the real estate industry, I quickly realized that when you leave one niche for another, there’s a lot to learn if you still want to be an “A” player. This solidified the idea that sticking with the system I’d built and working exclusively with ophthalmologists was the smart thing to do. After all, it was a niche where I’d been an “A” player for years. Now, I can’t imagine a more challenging and satisfying career. LASIK Marketing Agency’s world- class system has an undisputed track record of delivering floods of new patients to some of the nation’s busiest refractive practices. Our clients report reduced lead response times, increased referral revenue, quicker data entry, lower operational costs, less scheduling time, more efficient client communication with fewer errors, 24/7 lead capture, and a massive increase in positive online reviews. I’m proud of our work and plan to continue expanding my company in the next few years, passing on my tactics to ambitious ophthalmology practices across the country, one major metropolitan area at a time. If you’d like to start reaping these benefits today, don’t hesitate to give LASIK Marketing Agency a call. We’ll work to make your patient list longer and your life less stressful. – Michael King 1 206-437-0529

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“I can’t imagine a more challenging and satisfying career. LASIK Marketing Agency’s world- class system has an undisputed track record of delivering floods of new patients to some of the nation’s busiest refractive practices.”

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Meet the Masters of Lead Conversion PARTNER SPOTLIGHT: OPTICALL

According to industry data, when prospective patients call in and are shuffled to voicemail, less than 15% of them leave messages. Some do call back, but more than 40% become lost leads after one encounter with the answering machine. That’s why services like OptiCall, which have real people answering phone calls and following up leads seven days a week, are vital to expanding your client base. “Practices think they’re competing against other practices, but they’re actually competing against all consumer experiences,” says OptiCall Vice President of Sales and Marketing Dylan Kemna. “A customer might reach out on Friday to ask about LASIK and then buy a car on Sunday. If you wait to call them back until Monday, their mind could be completely changed.” LASIK Marketing Agency uses OptiCall specifically because it’s a niche provider specializing in calls about LASIK and other elective medical procedures that increase your optical surgery volume. It’s also top-rated in the industry, serving more than 200 practices nationwide. Before making calls to real patients, the company’s dedicated staff goes through a five-week training course, which includes education on medical terminology and the elective medical industry, job shadowing, and instructions on

tone and manner. That step makes OptiCall an ideal partner for ophthalmologists and helps to supplement the bandwidth in a clinic, giving extra help when needed. OptiCall’s Capture program systematically follows up with prospective patients who submit a request for information or ask to book an appointment online. It works in perfect synergy with LASIK Marketing Agency’s digital marketing strategies to convert leads in a timely and consistent way, providing better return on investment and a higher-quality patient experience, all while freeing up valuable staff time. Each call follows a logical progression, starting with an introduction and continuing through exploration, education, and closing. OptiCall’s first goal is always to schedule the patient for the next step in the process (generally a consultation), and its secondary aim is to convince them to opt in to receive more information. For practices hesitant to sign on, OptiCall offers a Free Practice Assessment — an evaluation of your current system for lead management by its expert staff, complete with measurable feedback. To learn more, visit and click “Get a Free Phone Assessment” today.


Often utilized as file organizers, envelope lickers, and coffee fetchers, college interns are usually at the lowliest rung on the corporate ladder. But, as some of the world’s most successful companies have proven, these young team members can be incredibly valuable to your business. If you haven’t considered offering internship positions before, the following benefits might just convince you. PROACTIVE RECRUITING In today’s competitive job market, recruiting a recent college graduate with relevant experience feels like finding a unicorn. But a coveted hire doesn’t have to be one in a million. An effective internship program can give you the opportunity to bring college interns on to your staff who could potentially become full-time employees. And luckily, unlike regular hires, you aren’t making a long-term, expensive commitment to your interns. During their internships, you can test whether or not they will be a great fit for your company before offering them a permanent position. And if an intern impresses you enough to hire them on after

graduation, you can rest assured knowing they will already be familiar with their job by then. FRESH PERSPECTIVES There’s a reason top companies like Facebook and Chevron invest heavily in their internship programs. By bringing in young, innovative minds, you open up your business to fresh, unique solutions. Interns have spearheaded effective social media campaigns, modernized standard operating procedures, and even designed apps to help their businesses run smoother. In a world where remaining relevant is key to growth, businesses can’t afford to be out of touch with the next generation of consumers. So, while interns will likely do much of the grunt work at your business, don’t be afraid to hand them more responsibilities. Bring them into strategy meetings, ask for their thoughts, and treat them as valued parts of the team. Do this and you’ll be in step with some of the biggest players in the business world.


In my 12-plus years of experience raking in conversions for elective medical surgeons, I’ve learned that you have to launch a full-scale marketing plan if you want to see real results. One good Google ad campaign isn’t going to cut it, and a vital measure of success is lead response time — the minutes, hours, or days it takes your company to follow up with a potential patient. Ophthalmologists who use our program to market their LASIK services have reduced their average lead response time from 18 hours to two hours or less, a prodigious drop. But why is reducing lead response time so important, and what does LASIK Marketing Agency do to make it happen? First off, a quick response to a potential patient sets your clinic up for success in a way that is impossible to understate: Not only will you end up with more patients, but also the ones you bring into your clinic will feel more valued. A study published by Harvard Business Review found companies that followed up with customers within an hour were over 60 times more likely to “qualify the lead” (aka have “a meaningful conversation with a key decision maker”) than those who waited 24 hours or more, and the Rockefeller Corporation discovered that customers not feeling cared for accounts for a resounding 68% of client disappearances — far more than high prices, persuasive competitors, or dissatisfaction with your service. A promptly returned phone call or email makes a great first impression and sets the tone for a positive relationship going forward. At LASIK Marketing Agency, we have a comprehensive strategy to shorten your lead response time, and its linchpin is marketing automation. We provide you with hyper relevant email and text marketing campaigns that send information on pre-ops, post-ops, appointment reminders, and more, as well as nurturing campaigns. We also partner with outstanding, specialized companies like OptiCall (read more about their services on Page 2) that follow up on leads seven days a week with a personal touch. PUTTING YOUR BEST FOOT FORWARD Why It’s Vital to Shorten Your Lead Response Time


In short, our platform delivers new LASIK patients while you do what you do best: Change people’s lives with the gift of crystal-clear vision.

Schedule a complimentary 30-minute Discovery Call today to learn what our system can do for you. 3 206-437-0529

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Why I Built LASIK Marketing Agency Exclusively for Ophthalmologists Partner Spotlight: OptiCall What Interns Offer Why It’s Vital to Shorten Your Lead Response Time Get the Most Out of BTS Season


As you load up the family for some final summertime adventures, preparing for the

season. Provide a sale on installing and updating programs for students or provide a gift with the purchase of a laptop for college students on the go. This makes your offer more appealing to your customer base, which will guarantee you happy and returning customers. There’s also a key demographic in the back-to-school market that often gets forgotten: teachers. Thousands of dedicated teachers across the U.S. have a classroom budget, and some must dip into their bank accounts to keep their classrooms stocked. Offering “thank-you” discounts and sales for teachers will bring more business through your door and help you support your community. Teachers can also serve as a direct marketing tool for your business. Whether it’s via mailers or in-person during open house nights, August is full of teacher-to-parent communication that could include coupons or recommendations to your business. The back-to-school season isn’t just for the big-box stores or retail providers. You can tap into this powerful market and make this last summer stretch a lucrative business season.

upcoming school year is likely one of the last things on your mind. Instead of shopping for school supplies, your main focus might be finding the best place to position your lawn chair around the campfire for optimal marshmallow roasting! But the back-to-school season is coming up, and families need to begin the expensive task of purchasing items for school. According to the National Retail Foundation, back-to-school shopping contributes to 17% of total annual sales. That’s a nearly $76 billion industry that your business could be cashing in on. However, when you only offer a special or sale because of a particular season, you are not tapping into the full capacity of the market. You need to make the offer something people actually want or need, be it chiropractic adjustments for kids carrying too many books or discounts on vehicle services for carpooling families.

For example, if you sell and service computers, you must do more than offer 10% off all technology services for the back-to-school


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