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THE ART OF PICKING A NICHE Why I Built LASIK Marketing Agency Exclusively for Ophthalmologists


If you met me on the street, you’d have to ask: Why does someone who spends his life marketing LASIK surgery for ophthalmologists wear glasses? As crazy as it sounds, I only wear glasses these days because of my work with ophthalmologists. I had 20/20 vision as a kid, but about eight years ago, a corneal mapping of my eye revealed I had keratoconus, and the resulting corneal cross- linking procedure left me needing a prescription. I appreciate this irony in the mirror every day. I straighten my glasses, then head into work determined to help ophthalmologists like you increasing your LASIK volume, so the rest of the world can leave its frames behind. Vision problems aside, working with LASIK runs in the family. I credit my older brother Joe — aka Dr. Joseph King — for introducing me to the industry when he first started his own practice, King LASIK, in 2002. I had just graduated from the University of Victoria with my bachelor’s degree in commerce and was ready for a bit of job stability after years of living and working abroad. During my time in Joe’s office, I fell in love with LASIK. By the end of my 12 years there, I became the vice president of marketing, and we had grown his practice from a one-man operation to nine thriving locations. When it comes to running an ophthalmology business, you name it, and I’ve done it. I’ve put together IKEA tables, answered thousands of phone calls, managed the company call center, and even worked alongside my brother as a certified technician in the operating room. But five years ago, marketing became my main focus. Having worked for years inside a LASIK clinic, I was able to experience firsthand the daily challenges it takes to successfully market a elective medical procedure. And not just market, but to constantly evolve and improve over time as technology and the way we communicate to our patients change. I’ve always been eager to learn, so I dove into earning certifications and learning how to implement the best tools on the market. Soon,

King LASIK was fully optimized: Our lead response time was down; our referral revenue was up; our costs had dropped; and every other box was checked, too. Combining my years of working inside a clinic as well as marketing it, I’d become as versatile as a Swiss Army knife. This inspired me to expand my reach and see how I can help benefit other practices. In 2017, I took the leap and started my own marketing company. My brother was so confident in my abilities that we continued to work together as he became my first client. At first, I thought I wanted to branch out from LASIK, but when I took on a client in the real estate industry, I quickly realized that when you leave one niche for another, there’s a lot to learn if you still want to be an “A” player. This solidified the idea that sticking with the system I’d built and working exclusively with ophthalmologists was the smart thing to do. After all, it was a niche where I’d been an “A” player for years. Now, I can’t imagine a more challenging and satisfying career. LASIK Marketing Agency’s world- class system has an undisputed track record of delivering floods of new patients to some of the nation’s busiest refractive practices. Our clients report reduced lead response times, increased referral revenue, quicker data entry, lower operational costs, less scheduling time, more efficient client communication with fewer errors, 24/7 lead capture, and a massive increase in positive online reviews. I’m proud of our work and plan to continue expanding my company in the next few years, passing on my tactics to ambitious ophthalmology practices across the country, one major metropolitan area at a time. If you’d like to start reaping these benefits today, don’t hesitate to give LASIK Marketing Agency a call. We’ll work to make your patient list longer and your life less stressful. – Michael King 1 206-437-0529

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“I can’t imagine a more challenging and satisfying career. LASIK Marketing Agency’s world- class system has an undisputed track record of delivering floods of new patients to some of the nation’s busiest refractive practices.”

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