LASIK Marketing Agency - September 2019

Meet the Masters of Lead Conversion PARTNER SPOTLIGHT: OPTICALL

According to industry data, when prospective patients call in and are shuffled to voicemail, less than 15% of them leave messages. Some do call back, but more than 40% become lost leads after one encounter with the answering machine. That’s why services like OptiCall, which have real people answering phone calls and following up leads seven days a week, are vital to expanding your client base. “Practices think they’re competing against other practices, but they’re actually competing against all consumer experiences,” says OptiCall Vice President of Sales and Marketing Dylan Kemna. “A customer might reach out on Friday to ask about LASIK and then buy a car on Sunday. If you wait to call them back until Monday, their mind could be completely changed.” LASIK Marketing Agency uses OptiCall specifically because it’s a niche provider specializing in calls about LASIK and other elective medical procedures that increase your optical surgery volume. It’s also top-rated in the industry, serving more than 200 practices nationwide. Before making calls to real patients, the company’s dedicated staff goes through a five-week training course, which includes education on medical terminology and the elective medical industry, job shadowing, and instructions on

tone and manner. That step makes OptiCall an ideal partner for ophthalmologists and helps to supplement the bandwidth in a clinic, giving extra help when needed. OptiCall’s Capture program systematically follows up with prospective patients who submit a request for information or ask to book an appointment online. It works in perfect synergy with LASIK Marketing Agency’s digital marketing strategies to convert leads in a timely and consistent way, providing better return on investment and a higher-quality patient experience, all while freeing up valuable staff time. Each call follows a logical progression, starting with an introduction and continuing through exploration, education, and closing. OptiCall’s first goal is always to schedule the patient for the next step in the process (generally a consultation), and its secondary aim is to convince them to opt in to receive more information. For practices hesitant to sign on, OptiCall offers a Free Practice Assessment — an evaluation of your current system for lead management by its expert staff, complete with measurable feedback. To learn more, visit and click “Get a Free Phone Assessment” today.


Often utilized as file organizers, envelope lickers, and coffee fetchers, college interns are usually at the lowliest rung on the corporate ladder. But, as some of the world’s most successful companies have proven, these young team members can be incredibly valuable to your business. If you haven’t considered offering internship positions before, the following benefits might just convince you. PROACTIVE RECRUITING In today’s competitive job market, recruiting a recent college graduate with relevant experience feels like finding a unicorn. But a coveted hire doesn’t have to be one in a million. An effective internship program can give you the opportunity to bring college interns on to your staff who could potentially become full-time employees. And luckily, unlike regular hires, you aren’t making a long-term, expensive commitment to your interns. During their internships, you can test whether or not they will be a great fit for your company before offering them a permanent position. And if an intern impresses you enough to hire them on after

graduation, you can rest assured knowing they will already be familiar with their job by then. FRESH PERSPECTIVES There’s a reason top companies like Facebook and Chevron invest heavily in their internship programs. By bringing in young, innovative minds, you open up your business to fresh, unique solutions. Interns have spearheaded effective social media campaigns, modernized standard operating procedures, and even designed apps to help their businesses run smoother. In a world where remaining relevant is key to growth, businesses can’t afford to be out of touch with the next generation of consumers. So, while interns will likely do much of the grunt work at your business, don’t be afraid to hand them more responsibilities. Bring them into strategy meetings, ask for their thoughts, and treat them as valued parts of the team. Do this and you’ll be in step with some of the biggest players in the business world.


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