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Who’s Who??? Did you know that we have 3 twins that work for Advanced Physical Therapy in Newton? Here’s what they had to say about being a twin:

Melissa & Andrea (Identical: 1 hour 14 minutes apart- Mel is the older twin.) I absolutely love being a twin! We were born with a built-in best friend! Andrea and I are inseparable, we usually call each other often. We have even dressed up as twins for Halloween before. Growing up we were very competitive in sports. We even had our own plays in basketball, ”1223.” (she would screen for me & than I would screen for her.) We said this in a game, and we each knew what each other meant. We usually know what each other is thinking without saying a word. Andrea and I are similar and like the same things but also just a tad different. She is a Special Education Teacher in Wichita and I chose to go a more artistic route in marketing as a graphic designer. I feel so incredibly proud to have Andrea as my twin sister!!! Couldn’t imagine her not being by my side. Best Friends forever!” Cara & Anna (Identical: 30 seconds apart- Cara is the older twin.) Being a twin is the best! I am so blessed to have a forever best friend. Anna and I will be juniors at Sterling College this fall. I work as a PT Tech as well as a CNA and am pursuing a degree in physical therapy. Anna works as a CNA and restorative aide, and she would like to earn a degree in occupational therapy. As each of our majors and jobs probably tell you, we have many of the same hobbies and likes! In our free time, we enjoy playing basketball or tennis together and hanging out with friends and family. We absolutely love being twins as well as coming up with different responses to the many twin questions we get asked. When people ask, “What’s it like having a twin,” we always respond with “What’s it like not having a twin?!” Jake & Joel (Identical: 30 minutes apart- Joel is the older twin.) Growing up with a twin was like having a built-in best friend there with you at all times. We had the same likes and dislikes and we still do for the most part; however, we decided to take different career paths. I decided to help people within the healthcare field by studying to become a Doctor of Physical Therapy. My twin, Joel, decided to help others in a different way. He joined the U.S. Air Force doing Cyber Systems Operations and has served 6-years active duty that of which he had two 6-month deployments to Qatar. To this day we are still each other’s best friend and I consider my twin as one of my greatest blessings.

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“An Excellent place to come to aid in recovery! The therapists are very competent in strengthening muscles and relieving pain. They explained everything in easy understandable language. I went from high levels of pain to being able to resume normal activity within 6 weeks. The environment is excellent in facilitating recovery as well. Everyone seems to enjoy working here and enjoy each other. Thanks for a great experience & results!” -T.G. •••

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