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Relieves Back Pain

I can walk perfectly now!

Before therapy, I have had problems with my right knee for quite a while. Walking up the stairs was my greatest problem. My right leg has always been shorter than my left leg–not good! My leg muscles have become quite sore. Since therapy, I can move very well with my right knee. Jason has worked me very hard to get my knee and hip working. He advised me to take an injection in my knee and have no pain now. I can walk perfectly now and will certainly will recommend Advanced! Very caring employees! Thank you each and every one! My legs are even now!” - C.R. The hands on approach has touched my heart! I chose Advanced Physical Therapy because of previous experience. The staff are always welcoming as I was able to work with various therapists. I embraced their care and expertise. Those minutes ticked by as a therapist would encourage dialogue during my exercises. There is a warmth and kindness about the people who work in this facility. The hands on approach of their professionals has touched my heart and encouraged my healing. Thank you!” - F.F. Since therapy, I feel a lot stronger! Before therapy, due to major issues with both of my knees, I was weak, stiff, over-compensating with my hips, and in tremendous pain. It was obvious with my “gait” and lack of strength that I needed physical therapy. Also, after sitting for a brief period, everything would lock up; I wouldn’t be able to walk for a bit. Since therapy, I feel a lot stronger. Because of that, I’m able to walk faster and do so much more. I’m no longer freezing up after sitting. Also, I’m more hopeful for the future as I have many strategies to help me maintain strength.” - M.B.




THORAC I C ROTAT I ON Sit with your arms folded in front your chest. Rotate your upper back to one side while keeping your lower back tight and as still as possible. Rotate to the other side, then repeat the motion 6-10 times. Relieves Knee Pain

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KNE E F L E X I ON Start on all fours with your knee angle at 90 degrees. Slowly lower your buttocks towards your heels until you feel a stretch in your knees. Return to the starting position, and repeat 6-10 times as needed.

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