Center for Holocaust Studies and Human Rights

The Barbara and Fred Kort Holocaust Geniza Pro

> The Gratz Holocaust Oral History Archive is of Holocaust testimony in the United State Levin, the Archive documents a wide range Jewish life in pre-Nazi Europe. Holdings inc rescuers, liberators, and other eyewitnesse > The Eric Mandell Collection of Jewish Music Tuttleman Library since the early 1970s, is o materials on a global scale. A German cant Mandell was the last cantor of the Jewish c caust. After surviving the Sachsenhausen c transfer his collection to Holland. He event music at Gratz College. Gratz holds Mande treasured set of cultural artifacts of prewar > The Dr. Lena Allen Shore Collection offers a from a multi-disciplinary dimension. Dr. Sho ed from France to North America, where sh pher, composer, and Holocaust educator. Th and thousands of pages of her literary and will provide a powerful means by which to studies that motivated Dr. Shore to establis Advancement of Human Potential, in partn

THE HOLOCAUST GENIZA PROJECT is an archive digitization, research-based initiative of the Center for Holocaust Studies and Human Rights. It aims to preserve primary source materials and other Holocaust-related resources and artifacts—making them accessible to its students, the larger academic communi- ty, and the general public. These assets will be integrated into the curriculum across courses of study; will support graduate-level research; provide critical resources for elementary and secondary level teacher professional development; and support a range of other Center educational initiatives. The Geniza is currently comprised of three major archival assets: the Gratz Holocaust Oral History Archive, the Eric Mandell Collection of Jewish Music, and the Lena Allen Shore Collection.

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